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Mobile Better Controls Suggestion for Mobile


This may belong in the suggestions area but I'm focused on mobile specifically for this thought.
I think playing on mobile is far more convenient however I feel like it is far more difficult because of the limitations of the user interface. I would like to be able to have a faster way to switch to the item/weapon I want to use. For instance, buttons right next to my (right)control stick that I can set quick slots. Like 4 buttons I could use to set a magic item, a ranged item, a melee item, and a tool. this would make it very quick to switch between the pickaxe and a book of magic or a bow and a sword. The hot bar in the upper left is ok but the squares are small and its easy to accidentally select the wrong item and this can be disastrous depending on the situation. The grappling hook and mount buttons are there why not let us add more buttons and assign a item to them?
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