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This pack aims to change the boring potions into something uniuqe. Currently the first version features the health, mana, restoration potion, strange brew and all bottles being resprited. Right now i added the third update adds 10 new sprites and 1 remake

Currently i created not so much new texture but in the next day i gonna do the rest, so it might take max. 2 days.

(sprites that are changed: bottled honey, greater healing potion, healing potion, lesser healing potion, mana potion, restoration potion, super healing potion,
super mana potion, bottled water, bottle, greater mana potion, lesser mana potion, strange brew, Gender Change Potion, Potion of Return, Recall Potion, Teleportation Potion, Wormhole and Red Potion, Flask of the cursed flame, Flask of fire, Flask of gold, Flask of Ichor, Flask of Nanites, Flask of Party, Flask of Posion, Flask of Venom, bottomlesss water bucket and bottomless lava bucket)

- note: changed red potions name into "Potion Of The Champions" because i could not do a good design with it.



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note: i might finish all potion in the next week for sure, just got some private stuff to do
current state: it takes longer again due to some private stuff again
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Any particular reason it got canceled? Or just personal stuff getting in the way? Even if this is what you leave it at, this texture pack looks amazing, you can tell quite a bit of time an effort has been put into it to make the potions look good. This is seriously an incredible project, good job on making it this far
Personal stuff, also was not happy doing not a better version of the potion. For that, I am doing some planning of some other resource pack. (and I deleted the potion and my other packs due to low quality)
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