tModLoader Blue Sky Ore Mod - Ore changing by time


I came up with unique ore when I make a mod called "Blue Sky Ore"

It's ore but changing by time.

You get Blue Sky Ore when you mine in day
but you get Dark Blue Sky Ore when you mine in night.

If it's not unique ore, I'm sorry
I hardly come this site because I am busy...
I may make a mistake of English because I use Google Translation.
I made 2nd thread about Blue Sky Ore but it's not about this content.
Is it correct or illegal...?

and I don't know how to display spoiler button

I understood thread system.
I want to delete that thread. Could you tell me how to delete a thread?
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! I may make some mistakes of my English... !
(If some mistakes, I'm sorry...)

Blue Sky Ore Mod is developing very behind.

I had some mistakes of my programming's recognition
so I am studying programming, C#, and tModLoader Hooks in tandem with developing.

However I could get a little skills of tModLoader modding
For example,
How to display CoolDown Texture(it was displayed with healing potions when player has Potion Sickness Debuff), how to display texture of usable items accurate when player uses it, and Update Methods what I should use...

In fact, when I was making "Health Deposit" (Item),
I use changing item.type value instead of PostDrawInventory Methods.

I think BlueSkyOre Mod will be completed very late...
I am getting little tired.

I made item of my little idea as my taking a break.

I am thinking about whether this item is implemented in BlueSkyOre Mod.

I will continue studying programming and TML hooks and developing Blue Sky Ore Mod.

...After I rest my eyes
スクリーンショット 2021-07-04 114737.png

I'm tired.

it makes me to be lost my motivation of making mods
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