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Pixel Art BluStryke's Sprites (Taking Requests)


Artist Request Conditions
I will be posting all my Terraria sprites here both for people to enjoy, as well as for them to give me advice on how to improve
If you would like to see info on what certain sprites are supposed to be/do, let me know and I'll add a description
I'm also willing to do requests, at the small cost of a like... hehe, as well as spreading word of my work

I started to do sprite work I think two days before the original date on this post, so I'm as noob-ish as it get's with less than 2 weeks of practice, still, I find spriting enjoyable and plan to learn as much as I can going forward. Also, a huge thanks to anyone who takes the time to look at these


Slingshot II.png
Novice Healing Staff.png
Practice Sword.png
The Lollichop.png
Blow Pop.png
Boom Pop.png
Hero Sword.png
Candy Sword.png
Master Sword.png
Frosty Flake.png
Gale Boomerang.png
Tungsten Boomerang.png
Silver Boomerang.png
Spine Breaker.png
Soul Bouncer.png

Wooden Pipes.png
Razor Leaf.png
Acorn Staff.png
Pokey Stick.png
Wooden Shield.png
Wooden Club.png
Wooden Slingshot.png
Volatile Pinecone.png
Wooden Stake.png
Wooden Staff of Healing Sometimes.png
Blade 6.png

Blade 1.png
Blade 2.png
Blade 3.png
Blade 4.png
Blade 5.png
New Blade 6.png
Blade 7.png
Blade 8.png
Blade 9.png
Blade 10.png
Plant Fibers.png
Thrown Pot.png
Pottery Shard.png
Blank Schematics.png
Heart Container.png
Sensei Vest.png
Sensei Hakama.png

Sky Shard (4).png
Scrael (1).png
Scrael Ani (1).gif

Work in Progress:
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mr e

The Destroyer
These are interesting, but you need a LOT more contrast. On some of them, I an barely see the shading.


In the process of making some swords, I have over 50 ideas for names so now its time to get drawing
In case anyone is interested in seeing my process/progress:

/Edit: Finished three more, yay lmao
/Edit: And some more

Stage 1: Freehand a general shape
Sword Blades .1 clone.png

Stage 2: Define actual shape with pixels
Sword Blades .2 (1).png

Stage 3: Color and shade
Sword Blades .3 (6).png
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I'm working on making him a boss, phew it's a lotta work
The Bloodlust Prince

20K HP?, Uses a sword | Attacks:
Strikes up and then down with his sword (closest to being done)
Jumps up high and then stabs downward (least complete)
Lunges forward and does a quick slash (I’ll probly redo <)
Shoots crimson spikes in all directions (can be used mid jump or on the ground)
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