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boss souls & crafting station (item dropped by bosses that lets you craft their weapons)


Instead of needing to farm several bosses just to get the item you want, why not just have an item that lets you craft any of their weapons?

The name of the boss souls would literally be "The souls of <boss name>". All bosses would drop only one of their soul, but only the ones who have weapon drops would have craftable souls. You'd be able to craft (most of) their weapons with this said item they drop. The weapons that will be able to be crafted with their soul will be the ones like Meowmere, Terrarian and Star Wrath from Moon Lord or Kaleidoscope, Eventide and Starlight from Empress of Light which can't be dropped at once in the same boss kill, and not items like Portal Gun, Terraprisma, Prismatic dye, boss masks, expert mode and master mode exclusives, picksaw and others. Those would still be dropped by the boss itself or be looted from their bags in expert mode+, and not crafted from their soul.

Each boss would have their own respective soul, and you'd be able to create their items in a crafting station with their soul. The crafting station would be the Soul Anvil, crafted from a boss soul and 15 iron/lead bars from another normal/hardmode tier 1 bar anvil, and its tooltip would be "Used for crafting boss items out of their soul". The items crafted from their soul would only require one of their soul to be crafted, nothing else. The souls dropped from Destroyer, Twins and Skeletron Prime could be replaced by the soul suggested in this thread (only dropping one of them, literally be called "Soul of the Twins", "Soul of the Destroyer" and "Soul of Skeleton Prime"), while still having the same item description and also changing the materials of the items crafted from the old soul to literally only the soul they'd drop (you'd be able to make a full stack of light discs with only one soul, and maybe making them drop 2-3 of their souls each time to not make making items made from their souls too farmy).

The sprites would be a much fancier version of the current sprite of the souls in game, to represent they're a boss soul and are more powerful then normal souls

Soul of Eye Of Cthulhu: "the essence of the great eye"
Soul of King Slime: "the essence of the mighty swallower"
Soul of Eater of Worlds: "the essence of the corrupted worm"
Soul of Brain of Cthulhu: "the essence of the bloody hivemind"
Soul of Queen Bee: "the essence of the ever carrying mother"
Soul of Skeletron: "the essence of the accursed skeleton"
Soul of Wall of Flesh: "the essence of the gates to hell itself"
(the soul of the twins and skeleton prime would still retain their description)
Soul of the Destroyer: "the essence of the destructive worm"
Soul of Queen Slime: "the essence of the hallowed princess"
Soul of Plantera: "the essence of the jungle's aberration"
Soul of Duke Fishron: "the essence of the mutation from the ocean's depth"
Soul of Empress of Light: "the essence of the flashy moth"
Soul of Golem: "the essence of the lizhardian idol"
Soul of Lunatic Cultist: "the essence of the one responsible for the sealing rituals"
Soul of Moon Lord: "the essence of the space's terror"

most of those descriptions I thought of are pretty wacky and were just made to give an idea of what they'd look like and to make the suggestion more complete.

And yes I got this idea from Dark Souls. This said item that'd be used to create boss weapons could be something else (along with the crafting station), but I did not have enough creativity to think of something else other then being a soul.

if you have any questions, just ask me.
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