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tModLoader BotanyPlus - Alchemy plant enhancement mod



BotanyPlus is a mod that adds a few things to make farming plants for alchemy a bit easier, particularly with smaller-profile farms. I'm brand new to modding and this release is a basic draft of what I'd like the mod to be able to do eventually, so I'm open to any suggestions for changes or improvements that can be made in the future.

What the mod currently offers:


Gaia Staff - An upgraded Staff of Regrowth that greatly increases drop rate of plants on harvest and instantly grows trees from planted saplings

Growth and Spirit Lanterns - Increase the growth rate of plants within range. The Spirit variant has a stronger effect and also forces all nearby plants to always bloom when fully grown

Transmutation Table - An upgraded Alchemy Table that gives a 66% chance to conserve potion ingredients, and also acts as a water source

Changes to vanilla behavior

  • The Staff of Regrowth (and its upgrade) can be auto-selected when hovering over plants, will target plants while Smart Cursor is enabled, and can automatically replant seeds in planter boxes and clay pots

Recolored sprites are placeholders for now, although I am not really very good at spriting and this is a small mod so they are a low priority.

The current version can be found on the mod browser.
Source code

v0.1.2 changes:
Added seed replanting ability to vanilla Staff of Regrowth
Made Gaia Staff match the Staff of Regrowth's speed when breaking plants
Adjusted growth rate of Spirit Lantern
Slight adjustments to recipes
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Duke Fishron
This is a really fantastic set of ideas! I absolutely love the concepts. I can't even think of anything better after what I just read. Well done!


This is a really fantastic set of ideas! I absolutely love the concepts. I can't even think of anything better after what I just read. Well done!
Thank you for saying so! I got the idea after realizing that a lot of my modded playthroughs were being oversaturated with money sinks, and I wanted to come up with a solution to address my issue of "not enough potions" without just sidestepping the potion-making mechanic. Hopefully this mod does a decent job of accomplishing that.

In any case, I've published version 0.1.2 which I think brings the currently existing features to a point where they work without any of the major issues I was running into when I first implemented them, so I want to start looking at adding more features such as compatibility with herbs from other mods. If anyone knows of any mods that add plants that you'd like to see this mod work with, please let me know.
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