Bridge builder


So I've had this idea that terraria has a LOT of "bridge building" when you want to streamline some things

Making Hell-bridges to fight the WoF + travel hell
Making Sky-bridges to travel faster once hardmode hits the fan + finding wyverns/UFOs

Though you can argue thats "few" uses, they are definitely helpful, however in the case of sky-bridges wich I have tendency of making in asphalt

My idea is simple, a bridge builder device, either purchaseable from the mechanic or crafted from parts bought from her,

The bridge builder can be fed blocks of a single type and set up to build in four directions (up, down, left, right) by hitting with a hammer/wrench

A: runs out of blocks
B: the bridge collides with a obstacle made of blocks wich aren't identical the ones fed to the machine

to be perfectly honest while asphalt bridges are useful they are a HUGE pain to build depending on their sizes and the locations you are trying to build in, on top of having to deal with monsters...


King Slime
While this would be helpful, I don't think it belongs in Terraria. There are currently no placeable objects that can move, and at the same time encourage cookie cutter builds because it would be used for more than just bridges.
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