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PC Brutallama's Brutal Vanilla Revamp


Yes, it have effect on already created orlds. It is how texture packs are suppored to work like.
Then how come it does not work on my end I follow the usual instruction on installing the texture mod

EDIT: I may did a dumb on my part, I did not add the texture pack file in the Tmodloader folder that also has the "TexturePack" folder like so. It is kind of misleading that on the thread that I follow on installing texture pack does not mention anything about this step. Unless there is something obvious that I am missing here
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Skeletron Prime
Might want to update your first post with the updated pack though. Other than that, absolutely loving your work!


Have you been updating the file on the OP? Just curious as there's also a pack download on one of your comments and I don't know which is correct.


Greeting fellow Terrarians!

Welcome to a project that I've been waiting to bring to fruition for a very, very long time...

The Vanilla Revamp Texture pack!
-Basically, this texture pack changes/improves any of the vanilla sprites that I either didn't like, though were just bad, or found creative ways of changing-

-This texture pack has somewhere around 300 individual changes; some of them very large, and other are just small tweaks-

I doubt I'll regularly update this or anything of the sort, but I just thought I might as well let everyone have access to what I've been slowly chipping away at over the last few years

And, of course I must give a huge shout-out, and thank you to @SzGamer227 for encouraging, helping, suggesting, and compiling this for me! It would not exist without him

Enjoy it for what it is, and we'll see what it turns into!

If you're having trouble getting it to work, the Installation guide for texture packs is -HERE-
(just the experimental features thread, but if they already did the work, then why should I? ;))

I've seen screenshots and have played this pack myself and I love it to bits! But when I re-installed Terraria, and added this texture pack back in, my copper pickaxe, axe and shortsword are invisible. I don't know if any other items are affected, but it would be great if you could fix this. Thanks!


just a heads up to anyone using this, it causes granite doors to have a blank texture when they're closed but can be easily fixed by deleting the file "Tiles_10"


For me this is the best texture pack on the forum, since it compliments the vanilla experience by only enhancing the lacklustre sprites. Thank you for making this! Will there be an update soon?


This pack is amazing, really high quality work! I'm just wondering, however, if there is a discord for it, or if it is still being worked on - I think the last OP update was around this time last year? Cheers


When will the next update be? I'm really exited for the new pre-hardmode armours! Also, when it does, will the game automatically update it, or what will I have to do?
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