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    So, to start things off I guess: I was talking to some of my friends earlier today about which bullets are the best to use in the game, in general. My argument was mostly for nano bullets, and exploding bullets, due to their ability to deter/knockback enemies so that they can't get to you and damage you. My friends on the other hand, prefer bullets that grant other, stronger debuffs, as they allow you to kill enemies faster. That's when it struck me...why should we have to choose a 'best' bullet in the first place? Why isn't there some way to fire bullets with a greater level of control over which kind of bullet is fired, and when? Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my solution to this conundrum: the Bullet Belt. The Bullet Belt would be a post-Golem, craftable accessory that allows you to store more bullets in your inventory, and choose advanced firing options for specific bullet types hassle-free! This equippable item would make a UI available when right-clicked and in the inventory, that shows all the different types of bullets you currently have in your possession. Right clicking each bullet type toggles between firing modes for that bullet type, which include 'Alternating', 'x5', 'x20', 'x50', and 'x100'. These options would make the bullets fire 'Every other' in series, 'Every 5 shots', 'Every 20 shots', etc etc. respectively, causing the bullets with lower occurrence to behave similar to tracer rounds used in real life applications. This accessory could be extremely useful in special round conservation, or when taking on very difficult bosses, as it would allow you to seamlessly and conservatively switch between bullet types with different behaviors, and allow you to get the best of all worlds (ie: being able to constantly deal ichor, cursed, venom, and midas debuffs every so often as 'special' tracer rounds, while firing explosive bullets or some other as primary rounds; or perhaps fire primarily crystal bullets when fighting off a large mob, with the occasional rare luminite bullet to do damage throughout the ranks). The belt itself, would add 4 more special inventory slots (while in the inventory) next to the current ammo inventory slots, and would behave like a public piggy bank, in that it is a storage item with its own distinct inventory, that can be passed between players; while granting its special 'tracer' functionality when in an accessory slot.

    I personally think this could be an invaluable item to ranged class individuals in the game, and would add an even greater level customization to the way the game is played. Of course, I do feel that such an item could be slightly overpowered in early gameplay, that's why I would say it should be post-Golem. Perhaps crafted with a Destroyer Emblem, Illegal Gun Parts, and an Endless Musket Pouch at a Tinker Table. Also, perhaps an upgraded version might be called 'Rambo's Belt'? (Idk, how you could upgrade this, perhaps add an On Fire! debuff standard?)

    And that's pretty much it! What do you guys think?

    ***P.S. Why isn't there a ranged life-steal option? Perhaps use rare Broken Bat Wings from vampires combined with empty casings to make expensive life-steal bullets? Just a thought!!!***
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    This is a great idea, but it seems overly complicated and would be a huge hassle.

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    I need this. Make this happen...
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    I'd rather see an option to select ammo type per weapon. For example: If I had a sniper rifle and tactical shotgun and explosive bullets and chlorophyte bullets, I'd link the chlorophyte bullets to the tactical shotgun and explosive bullets to the sniper rifle.
    This way someone wouldn't need to fool around swapping ammo in your inventory but just select a different weapon based on the situation you're in.

    But this was suggested before and is probably, like your suggestion, a big pain in the arse to make it happen.

    Maybe something for future Terraria games.
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