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[Calamity Mod] Bloody Worm Scarf Issue


Official Terrarian
Hello everyone, it's been one heck of a time since my last visit in the Terraria Community, so if I do something incorrectly, don't fully blame me and kindly explain your problem.

One thing I noticed in my Expert Calamity Ranged Playthrough was the following:

There is this item called the Bloody Worm Scarf, very useful. It's basically the combination of the Worm Scarf, with which most of you are already familiar with, and the Bloody Worm Tooth, an expert accessoire gained from the Treasure bag from one of the Bosses: the Perforator Hive. Now the thing is that this certain boss is only fightable in a Crimson world, and unfortunately for me, I went ahead and chose the Corruption (it's my personal favorite of the two). Noticed the problem yet? For the oh so great bloody worm scarf to be craftable, you'll need the Worm Scarf, which is only obtainable in a Corruption world. I don't see any way to obtain the Bloody Worm Toot without switching to a Crimson world, so what's the point of the modded item if you need two separte worlds avaible to gather the resources? Or am I just an everyday idiot and missed something in my rational thinking and there is an actual way to simply craft it?


Well, raiding other worlds is a common thing to do, but what I like to do is to spawn in both corruption and crimson with TerraCustom. Or just bring some seeds only and make an artificial corruption/crimson, where you can spawn the boss normally after farming the summoning item ingredients.

I see the Bloody Worm Scarf as a bonus for those who go the extra mile to do both bosses in some way.
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