tModLoader Calamity Mod DoG (Need Help)

Discussion in 'General Mod Discussion' started by Snowy Chaos, May 29, 2017.

  1. Snowy Chaos

    Snowy Chaos Terrarian

    Devourer of Gods is so OP. I have full tarragon armour and the ark of the elements and i can barely get it to 700 000 health in normal since expert DoG was too hard for me. Anyone have any tips?
  2. Snowy Chaos

    Snowy Chaos Terrarian

    Actually, i just got it to 400 000 health
  3. Zellogi

    Zellogi Steampunker

    Get a flying mount, preferably the UFO from Martian Madness.
    Go in a big open area like space, preferably away from your NPCs so they don't get one hit killed.
    Poke its head or tail (body does 1 damage, since body has 999,999 defense), and kill any mobs it spawns before returning to it.
    Make full use of the open space you have. You don't need an arena. That will just help him. He can't navigate as easily in the air without anything to burrow through so use that to your advantage. You picked melee unfortunately so you need to get up close to hit him, which puts you at risk.
    Repeat until dead. It'll be a long battle as it has a lot of HP. I've beaten it solo in Expert Mode (as a ranger) using these methods, sometimes only taking 3-4 hits.
    Make sure you have as many buff and healing potions as always, they'll help you survive, do more damage, apply debuffs, etc..

    Also make sure your modifiers are in check. Is your Ark Legendary? Are your accessories Menacing (for damage) or Warding (for defense)?
  4. Snowy Chaos

    Snowy Chaos Terrarian

    The UFO is personally too slow to dodge the head when its charging at you so i use seraph tracers. is that fine?
  5. Zellogi

    Zellogi Steampunker

    Whatever works for you, I was just telling you what worked for me. :)
  6. Sumenora

    Sumenora Spazmatism

    Devourer of Gods..i had to nerf him a little when i was using my Health/Damage multipliers so i had to find a way to put him back on vanilla stats with a few changes but anyways.. his head and Tail are his weak points..Avoid getting rammed by his head at ALL Costs...take out the probes as soon as they spawn. Both his head and Tail have Zero Defence so its a poking game you have to play with this kind of boss. Took me a few tries but i somehow got it.

    Another good tip is to watch the mini map carefully.. and watch his head icon when its off screen it will give u a heads up on when he will go fully charging at u and how fast.

    When your on the ground he also loved to fly above and ahead of you to cut you off...if he does run the other direction and wait for a chance to strike his head
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  7. Snowy Chaos

    Snowy Chaos Terrarian

    Thx for the tips, i managed to defeat him only getting hit a few times by the body.
  8. Derpoint

    Derpoint Terrarian

    I need help. I'm in revengance mode and I can't figure out how to kill the probes (I'm using Gungir's method.) The second DoG spawns then the probes are everywhere. I never get hit by the DoG.