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Calamity mod x Fargo's Mod (help)


I am doing a Calmity x Fargo's mod play though. The eye of cthuhlu spawned one night but it was invisible and its map icon was the dark mage from the DD2 crossover the 2nd stage was Oger from DD2 both times the eye was invisible. The tiny eyes that Cthuhlu spawned were tiny clouds please tell me how to fix.

I am using the following mods

Calamity music and mod
Fargo mutant mod
Fargo soul mod
Fargo soul mod DLC
NPC alchemist
recipe browser
magic storage
block swap
smart doors
smart cursor

I am pretty sure this isnt caused by using fargos mod and calamity as they are compatible


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:red: I also want to know. I'm using similar mods, and getting a similar issue.
Did every logical course of action possible but nor the client log, nor anything lets me even pinpoint the mod that's causing it.
Could be multiple mods at once causing it perhaps??
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