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PC Can someone please trade me a vampire frog staff for a chum caster?


Vampire Frog Staff
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I've been blood moon fishing for like 2 hours and I've gotten 3 chum casters and no vampire frog staves. Does anyone have a spare one that you can trade for a chum caster?
my steam friend code is 393019079
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Official Terrarian
Thanks good
Gray is usually avaiable pre-hardmode, though a rare sell (I have plenty of Orange XD)

I can also give you a Chum caster for some Christmas Painting or a Seaweed Planter (furniture) if you like.

I've got spares of any summoner item in the game for trade to.

Best regards.


i might just trash a chum caster at get a frog staff with terrasavr because I'm so sick of grinding. if I find a gray zapinator ill still give it to you though


Official Terrarian
Thanks but already have an enchanted sword.

Though I can also trade for:
- Some Christmas Paintings
- Jim's developer set (alternatively I can trade other sets for it)

P.s. I saw your speedrunning on Youtube, great work!


Official Terrarian
Do either of you have a grey zapinator on normal (have other zapinators on journey and normal) by any chance?

I lost my supply due to a saving issue.
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