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Adventure CaveBound! A Metroidvania adventure map!


* Cancelled due to neglection*

"your truck has fallen into a valley, way to go genius! Now you find yourself in a strange area, with nothing but a door to your left, and another door on a steep hill. You decided to go left, for it is the only place you can go for now..."

Welcome to Cavebound! A Metroid™ inspired adventure map where just like the game it takes inspiration from, you are to explore your environment without guidance.
You play as Truff, an intimidating but very humorous cowboy who got himself into trouble once he fell into this forsaken realm.

However, this project isn`t complete, but fortunately I made a demo to understand the experience. From how long it took to do this, i believe the full map will be complete around January.
Download map: Cavebound.wld

Note: -The map is in Expert mode
-you should name your character Truff as the map was intended to focus on
-Any feedbacks, reports, and requests will be really appreciated :D


  • Cavebound.wld
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Terrarian Legends

Skeletron Prime
Just to let you know, you can make a custom character with vanity and accessories named Truff and include it in the downloads.
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