Mobile Change date on Chromebook for seasonal events (i.e. Goodie Bags??)


Hello everyone!

Longtime Terraria user, I just recently was gifted an older Chromebook by my mom (sadly, no PC -- or PS4 -- OR Nintendo Switch long story) . . . I have the Android version up and running fairly well with keyboard support . . .

I do realize the Android version isn't fully supported or workable on Chromebooks. However, as a Chromebook newbie, I am sad I just recently started playing and can no longer get naturally-spawning Pumpkins, monsters with costumes, or Goodie Bag drops here 😿

Does anyone know a manual way to change the date back a few weeks so I can continue to get these drops from enemies?? I'm very new to Chromebook and unfortunately it's somewhat laggy (not sure how to improve this apart from in-game settings 🤔), but my bigger question is: does anyone know how to perhaps disconnect from Wi-Fi and manually change the Date/Time on ANY model?

Cheers and happy to be back on this wonderful game <3

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