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Sprites Change the bar object to include a bar stool

Teh Manticore

I'd like to see the Bar object include a bar stool so that players and NPCs can sit on the stool in front of the bar (rather than next to it). If you make the bar a 3x3 tile object, you could place bars consecutively to have a row of bar objects with bar stools in front and characters sitting along it.

If that means you can no longer place bottles and objects on the bar, then make the bar go up to the full height of the tile to allow us to top it off with whatever style platform we'd like.
That way we can customise the appearance a good deal and have everyone sitting at the bar in a row!
I'd like to take this a step further and find a way to position an NPC behind the bar to look like someone's actually able to serve drinks.

I like your idea a lot and it would make tavern builds look more lively when NPC's are in it!


I think thic could be achieved relatively easily - at the cost of no objects on the top of it, and town NPCs won't use it - by a furniture that looks like a bar with 3 bar stools, but is technically a sofa. because they have 3 slots players can sit on. This would only work for players sitting there though, town NPCs wouldn't do that (since they never seem to sit on sofas either)

Dunno how useful this would be, but I think it could be done like this.
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