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*Please understand that all English is the result of translating Japanese by Google Translate.

Latest Version: 0.2 (tModLoader v0.11.8.4)

The Chest Browser browses the chest of the setting range.
Right click on any Chest to open chest.
Left double click on any Chest to teleport to chest. (When in cheat mode)
In the filter setting, you can turn on / off the display by right-clicking the chest.
Click on the item and click on the item filter, the target item is registered, and target the chest containing that item. Right click to clear.
The name filter filters what is named chest.
The display icon size can be switched between large, medium, and small with the icon size setting.
The line connecting the player and the chest can be switched between display and non-display.

To change the settings, use the standard configuration of tModLoader.

By default the cheat function is turned off.
Teleporting and unconditional unlocking function only when the cheat function is ON.

While the chest browser is show, the range extends to the configuration value of search range.
The default is to the screen.
While the Chest Browser is show, since the operation range is expanded, a protect function to prevent erroneous operation etc. is provided.
Even if the protect function is enabled, the placeing of the background wall can be done in the designated extended range.

Download it from the Mod Browser or Click Here

For the next version and later versions, we plan to add a sort order specification with more details.



Open Source on GitHub: Chest Browser

Version Information:
I built it with tModLoader v0.11.8.4.
Configuration is based on tModLoader.
Configuration in "Mod Settings Configurator" has been abolished.

*** Acknowledgments ***
Thanks to Flashkirby99 for making mod settings easier so far.
- Fixed bug that server can not be started
- Fixed an issue that became an error at the time of character new create
- Change display contents of tool tip
- corresponding to tModLoader v0.10.1
- Delete the filter window, add a splitter panel, change it to appear there
- Added reverse filter
- Added item filter
- Added named chest filter
- Added icon size change
- Fixed a bug that forced terminating when trying to destroy a block where grass is growing.
- In addition, the function to protect so as not to change the block state was corrected.
- Fixed incorrect timing to restore window settings.
- Added function to protect destruction of tiles and wallpaper.
- Fixed the problem that the window position could not be restored.
- Fixed cheat function to be disabled by default and change by config.
- Fixed to be able to make search range unlimited or specified range.
- Modification of setting can be done with Mod Settings Configurator.
- Added the restoration function of the function added this time.
- Added filter function by chest type.
- Fixed to distinguish between dressers.
- Changed the sorting order to the closest chest from players.
- Added a function to display a straight line between open chest and player.
The latest is v0.0.0.4, but it is not different from v0.0.0.1.
v0.0.0.2 - v0.0.0.4 (There is no change in the behavior of mod)
- Registration settings for Mod Browser. Setting homepage to build.txt. Setting of Mod Browser Icon (It is not well done). During trial and error.

*** Acknowledgments ***
Most of this Mod's UI code is based on jopojelly's Recipe Browser.
I am grateful to Mr. jopojelly for publishing a great code.

Also, some code uses HERO's Mod code.
Therefore, this mod inherits the license of HERO's mod.
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I love it!
Very useful, and I would love to see what more you come up with in the future. Downloading the mod right away! ;D
Your mod has a bug that when mining blocks don't drop anything, I've tested out if it was a compatibility issue but it seemed like it still didn't work when only enabling this mod
Your mod has a bug that when mining blocks don't drop anything, I've tested out if it was a compatibility issue but it seemed like it still didn't work when only enabling this mod
Thank you for your comment.
While the Chest Browser is displayed, since it expands the operation range, it is a protection function to prevent manipulating blocks etc by mistake, but now we have discovered many bugs.
There is also a bug where the game is forcibly terminated, so we respond as soon as possible.
Hello, your mod looks cool but i can't use it in my own multiplayer server. When I host and play, it searches for the server but never founds it but when I deactivate your mod it does find the server and launch it correctly.
I am sorry that the test on the multiplayer is insufficient.
I will respond as soon as possible.
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