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I've been meaning to do this post for a long time but my procrastination held me back, well it's not anymore because I'm actively pursuing my mod/game. I've been working/testing a lot of specific and indepth mechanics on how Terraria was made, how a game itself is made, and I've shared my findings with this community through CLib. I've always been open to people assisting me, and if anyone wanted to, I'd really appreciate it, just know this -> If you want to be part of my developement team you are doing so out of interests of seeing my ideas come to life, and you are free to come and go as you please, all that I ask is don't spoil or steal my trademarked ideas for your own personal gain, nobody's that selfish, right? I do this project out of passion and not money, but if I were to accumulate a team big enough I would be fine with patreons or whatever they're using these days. My IRL job is completely unrelated to video games, so this is all of my free time but I like doing this as its my passion. Whether or not anyone cares I'll stil keep going even if the project has to be done entirely alone. I want to see this come to life, because if the player invests enough effort and time in this mod, they may find messages that go beyond the game. You have to figure it out.
I could go on and on about my specific ideas but I've become so tired over the months and most people know most of my plans already, but I can leave you with this. By the end of my mod, you will learn what a true friend is.
Roles that need to be filled:
I will organize these roles into three main departments, dealing with what they primarily work on.
Visual Department. Audio Department. Logistics and Coding.

Now I will list various positions that are open and what they do, as well as what is expected of them and what it takes to fill that position.

Visual Department:
1) Concept Artist - The concept artist is responsible for taking my ideas and inspirations, as well as their own inspirations, and bringing it to life on canvas. Concept artist are not spriters, but spriters will use the concept artist's crerations to aid in the creation of sprites. What the concept artist creates can be done through one of two mediums - digital and/or traditional. To do digital art you likely need a tablet and some experience in software painting programs. Concept artists who prefer traditional mediums (such as pencils, paint, etc) can scan their work to show to the spriters to help them get a clear mental image of what we intend the sprites to look like.

2) Keyframe Spritework artists - These spriters are responsible mostly for the main sprites of bosses, enemies, items, UI assets, and so forth. They do not normally do all the frames of an animation unless there is noone else to assist and they are bored.

3) 'Tweening' or Animation Spriters - These spriters will work along side the keyframe spriters in spriting all the 'in between' filler sprites involved in any animation. they may also assist the special effects artist in designing or completing special effects (think dust but more advanced).

4) Background Artists - This one's a bit niche as it could be filled by the concept artist, but if I could get someone who would like to focus on pixelated, parallax backgrounds it would be great. The reason why this is its own position is that backgrounds are large and require a lot of time and work to complete on their own.

5) Special Effects Artist (Advanced role) - This is a hard slot to fill that I'm willing to do myself if the time comes. The duties of this artist is a combination of programming and art, but I decided to list it in the visual department because that's the larger emphases in concept. This is essentially a spriter that sprites through programming, specifically HLSL, which stands for high-level shader language. HLSL is what the game uses for things like armor dyes and some screen effects, but it can be used for so much more. It runs off the graphics card, not the processor, and is even neccessary for visual effects you want to achieve that a processor just can't handle alone. This is rare to find anyone with this talent of this language so I'm understanding if noone applies, but if anyone who starts off in another role related in art or programming and becomes interested in learning this path, I will assist them with any resources I can to get them educated.

Logistics and Coding
1) Data Entry - Quite possibly the easiest position someone could jump into with minimal programming experience. You likely won't be creating classes or adding new major mechanics, rather filling in the data in between like the stats for the weapons. You will likely be given a framework in which you can follow and learn more about coding your own data structures. As you learn you may assist the backend the developers and further your career in programming should you find it interesting.

2) System Analyst - This position is not quite about writing code as it's about designing it. A system analyst doesn't obsess with details, but more visualizes the project on a larger scope and comes up with data structures based on patterns of functionality of this mod. To do this you will need to have experience in working with C# and the .Net framework, as well as the XNA framework, or be able to learn these frameworks out of pure interest.
3) BackEnd Programmer - this is the role where you will most often work alongside me in developing the bulk of the code/organizing the directories, as well as developing the library of functions that I have already to save you time. You may create objects in which data entry can pick up and fill out while you move on to coding another data structure. The system analyst is your guide.
4) Networking - This will involve making sure that the mod is functional in multiplayer. To be in this position you must be familiar with Terraria's system of handling information between the client and server. They should also go through the code as a whole to ensure that there is a clear distinction between what's being ran if the program is in server mode vs single player/client. They will need to look out for uneccessary methods/updates that could be ignored when in server mode in order to keep the server running efficiently.

5) Debug/Help Desk/Tech Support - this role mainly assists the other workers and playtesters in handling any software-related problems. They can provide general knowledge of what may be the issue or recognize that a bug is more serious and needs to be escalated to one of the higher programmers.

Audio Department
1) Sound effects - A sound effects person is responsible for finding or recording audio that can be used and modified in the game's code. There are also free assets or samples someone may already have that can be distorted in various ways by a skilled musician to become different sounds for different situations in game. This also covers ambient sound efffects.
2) Soundtrack/theme music - This type of musician deals with making sound tracks and designing music around the characters/environment/bosses or just soft background tunes to set the mood.

How to Apply:
Please answer these questions in a neat format for the position of your choosing, I want to find people who are passionate. You can DM me or contact me on my discord

Application Questions:
[What position are you applying for?]

[Why do you feel like applying for this position?]

[What inspires your work? (This can be anything, another game, a book, a person) ]

[Can you show any previous work you've done related to this field of interest?]

[Do you feel like sometimes nobody listens to you?]

You can send me a DM with these questions answered or email me at
[email protected]

Discord: Discord Widget
My discord name is Corinna#4585 , I can send you an invite to the server or you can message/add me for anything else.
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