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Co-op Vanilla Terraria Playthrough?

Discussion in 'Quick Hookup' started by Thlockman, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. Thlockman

    Thlockman Terrarian

    I have been wanting to do a co-op vanilla terraria playthrough, but most of my steam friends either don't play terraria or ditch worlds quickly after creating them. If we can get multiple people to agree to do a world together, that would be fantastic, as I've wanted to do a class playthrough as well!
  2. Stiltski

    Stiltski Spazmatism

    This still open? I am interested and I agree with your points.
  3. Thlockman

    Thlockman Terrarian

    Yes it is, my steam username is akin to my forums name, send me a request.
  4. Stiltski

    Stiltski Spazmatism

    Sorry for my long awaited response, but request was sent.
  5. AlexanderJackob

    AlexanderJackob Terrarian

    Are we gonna play on PC or console. I don't have it on PC but on Xbox 360.
  6. Stiltski

    Stiltski Spazmatism

    No, Thlock has PC edition. but on a related note, why are you looking for a game to join in the PC section of the forums?
  7. GammaRadiation

    GammaRadiation Terrarian

    HELLO i would also like to play
  8. Thlockman

    Thlockman Terrarian

    Alright, it's still open, my username on steam is the same as my forum name
  9. Yeedi

    Yeedi Terrarian

    Hey man I sent a friend request, give me a shout when you're playing!
  10. Supa Player

    Supa Player Terrarian

    Can I still join? Is it okay if I have a post golem but pre moon lord character?
  11. Thlockman

    Thlockman Terrarian

    Not this playthrough, but you could perhaps join a new one later. Resend me a request, I though you were someone else.
  12. EN | Fora

    EN | Fora Terrarian

    Just sent you a friend request, shoot me a message if you start a new world would love to play, but know i only have 12 hours on my account
  13. Supa Player

    Supa Player Terrarian

    Ah, okay. I have a couple new characters.