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WIP Collector block

What do you think?

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Sorry it's going to be simple I hope people can pass some ideas for it Thank you (excuse me of my grammar it's getting late).

Hello everyone @Purple Cat King here, my suggestion is:

Collector blocks (Name WIP), ever made a trap/farm where you wanted to collect the items the mobs drop but:
  1. Inventory's full
  2. You can't get to the items (for some reason)
  3. It's not safe outside/wherever
all you need to do is place it down near where the items are (1 or 2 tiles away), hook it up to a chest with wire. I hope this is a good idea. Thank you for your time

--Purple Cat King

King Victor

Skeletron Prime
Support... Although I've never had any of these situations happen to me, it seems like something that I could use. plus, it's an interesting concept.
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