Items Craftable Voodoo Dolls!

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Eye of Cthulhu
*shameless port*

We all know the pain of grinding for emblems, and that WoF doesn't help any with its summon item being very time consuming to get in Hardmode. I was thinking we could add a item to make getting the emblems a lot easier.

My recipe:
x3 +
x15 =

So, tell me what you think in the comments below!
Though there's no reason why this shouldn't be added, it must be noted that this would not solve the Emblem grinding problem any more than increased Voodoo Demon spawn rates would.
I feel that the crafting recipe is too simple for what it does.

I agree with Zemmy, try adding in hell stone or ash blocks to represent hell, where the voodoo doll is originally dropped. I am a PS3/VITA player, and silk is always a problem, so try reducing the silk to x5 Silk. Since the voodoo doll is so small, and x15 silk usually are like vanity clothes, then try reducing silk amount to at least x10.
Honestly, I doubt upping the chances of voodoo demon spawns make anything easier. There's still a high chance you get another breaker blade or another CAR. I just want the avenger emblem to be less necessary. SZ and Baconfry have already touched up on the emblem problem
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