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The Destroyer
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My game just crashes without any error, it just freezes, music and sound stops, and after a minute it just closes, it was fine before on same version, started crashing today, two times already, so it might be something on my end (Though I didn't change anything), it might be some windows updates maybe? Anyway I thought I'd let you know just in case.

Windows 10
AMD FX-4100 (4x3,6ghz)
GTX1050ti (4gb)
8gb ram DDR3


Duke Fishron
If you can turn on error logging for this and get us a log, it would help with diagnosing the issue!

To do so, go to your Steam Library, open Terraria's properties, and Set Launch Options as:
-logerrors -logfile

The next time you crash from this, (or if you cause it intentionally) you should get a log file in Documents>My Games>Terraria>Logs.

Please upload that for us! :)

Just gonna quote this to save Leinfors the trip for now.

They're gonna need this information, and bug reproduction steps to track down a random crash.


The Destroyer
Ok, I'll try to catch it. It might be that happens because my gamepad was still plugged in after other game, dunno. Anyway, gotta try to make this error log.
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