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"Most were left alone or arrested. They have practically no hope of making whatever return they might try by now."
"Heh, and they thought the Imperials were oppressive. If the Thalmor had their way, they'd all be executed, and most likely not in a very painless way. I always found their reaction a bit stupid. Yes, the Imperials banned public Talos worship because they were being forced to by the Thalmor, but before the Stormcloaks, you could still worship him in your backyard. Maybe if the Stormcloaks had done things in a more diplomatic way, or even better, woke the :red: up and realized that the Imperials were being held hostage and forced to be puppets by the Thalmor after a war, and rebelled against the Thalmor instead, things wouldn't have gotten so bad."
"Yeah, they had a common enemy, but refused to help fight it."
"Come to think of it, I've heard stories that you actually had to hold a temporary peace treaty between many factions to solve the dragon crisis, and even with another potentially world ending crisis happening and the possible end of the world on the horizon, they were still more concerned about the Imperials."
"Yeah, a lot of groups tend to be like that..."
"Well, I've actually heard the Companions are a pretty great group. Everyone seems to see them as heroes."
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"Yeah, a lot of factions had their priorities skewed. But the companions were indeed quite nice, despite their secret."
"I've honestly never met them, though I think you've talked about them with me."
"I at one point was in Whiterun, but like always I wasn't fortunate enough to afford a hotel room, so the Companions ended up letting me stay the night. I found out their secret after they gave me the warning, then made me promise not to tell the townsfolk. Needless to say I agreed and kept my promise."
"Most people would have ended up telling someone anyways, I respect that you kept the secret."
"Well, I didn't want to disrespect the people that let me stay the night in their home. It was the least I could do. Besides, they've mastered their werewolf forms, and they haven't hurt anyone, so there was no reason for me to tell the guards, as they weren't a threat."
"That's how I know that you're a good person. You're quite logical and smart with these things. You and Sinbar really are right for each other."
"That's how I know that you're a good person. You're quite logical and smart with these things. You and Sinbar really are right for each other."
*He nods.*
"Thank you. It probably helps that I've experienced a different type of discrimination myself, and therefore have become quite familiar with those types of problems."
"It must suck to have to get used to being discriminated against."
"It does."
"I agree."
"E-especially when you've dedicated your life to helping people."
"Honestly though, I'd rather be discriminated against than be the person discriminating. I'd hate to inflict that kind of pain onto a person just because they're being who they are."
"Yep, and they'd deserve every bit of suffering they incurred upon themself."
"Agreed, especially because it takes someone special to skin another person and turn them into clothing...if there was one other nightmare I had that was anywhere near as scary as the reoccurring one about the Thalmor attacking my home when I was eight, it was an occasional one I had about someone actually following through on that threat..."
"O-oh my gods..."
"Honestly, that sounds truly horrific, and I am so sorry you ever had to endure a nightmare like that."

*Sinbar waits for a response about him wanting to take Lisa to see Rakeun, Elijah, Tantul, and Keldal (and also maybe Neeja if Lisa wanted to meet her).*
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