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[Cross-Platform] Prism modding API for 1.3


Skeletron Prime
I simply wanted to test how hard it'd be to update (because the 'code injection' strategy was never tested against big updates). I probably won't be adding any more features (in the near future, at least, but I don't guarantee anything in the non-near future), though.

EDIT: @Nopezal, if you want to continue the project, you're free to ask (so I can give you write access to the repo).

Sure, fine by me. Updates will take 1 billion years from now on then, though.


I started documenting Prism, the first page can be found here, explaining the different concepts used in the public API.
I'll now write a few pages on the inner working of Prism.

EDIT: added a page on patching and mod loading.
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