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[Cross-Platform] Prism modding API for 1.3

Discussion in 'Released' started by PoroCYon, Aug 30, 2015.

  1. Nopezal

    Nopezal Skeletron Prime

    Sure, fine by me. Updates will take 1 billion years from now on then, though.
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  2. PoroCYon

    PoroCYon Terrarian

    I started documenting Prism, the first page can be found here, explaining the different concepts used in the public API.
    I'll now write a few pages on the inner working of Prism.

    EDIT: added a page on patching and mod loading.
    Last edited: May 28, 2016
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  3. PartyRockVamp

    PartyRockVamp Terrarian

    So i can start modding? or is it in development
  4. MageKing17

    MageKing17 Official Terrarian

    Yes and yes.

    There's a new prerelease for 1.3.1, but it's still in development, so it may have unexpected bugs or simply be lacking some functionality. On the other hand, there should be nothing stopping simple mods from being made.
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  5. PartyRockVamp

    PartyRockVamp Terrarian

    So I will start making simple weapons and blocks

    Then I should finally learn how to make NPCs
  6. Neojin

    Neojin Terrarian

    I'm excited to see what Prism can do!
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  7. PoroCYon

    PoroCYon Terrarian

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  8. Meowmaritus

    Meowmaritus Terrarian

    git pull
    160 files changed, 49029 insertions(+), 3287 deletions(-)

    Visual Studio 2015 Update 2

    Setup requires 4 GB across all drives

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