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Danew's Zookeeper NPCs is a heavily W.I.P mod that will add a large variety of NPCs that sell summons for every NPC in the game. In the future, the mod will also have terrariums and possibly pets for every enemy. It won't necessarily be the most balanced mod in the world, it's just a little side project I'll be working on from time to time. The original idea for this mod was first suggested to me on my mini-boss NPC mod by @RidleyTheMezo, and while it will stray somewhat from their original idea the basic gist of the suggestion will remain.

All bosses and event bosses
Town NPCs
Burning Sphere
Chaos Ball
Water Sphere
Vile Spit
Fungi Spore
Detonating Bubble
Bubble Shield
Moon Leech Clot
Mysterious Tablet
Solar Flare
Solar Fragment
Ancient Light
Eternia Crystal
Mysterious Portal

Forest Zookeeper:

Sells summon items for all creatures that spawn on the surface forest biome
Enemy Shop:

Critter Shop:

Desert Zookeeper:

Sells summon items for all creatures that spawn in the desert
Desert 1.PNG

Snow Zookeeper:
rarecreature Impoted piskel.png

(totally haven't used this somewhere else or anything)
Sells summon items for all creatures that spawn in the snow biome

This is a very ambitious project so more spriters and coders would be very helpful!

v0.0.2: New Forest Zookeeper sprite
Added Desert Zookeeper
Added summons for all desert enemies
Added Snow Zookeeper
Added summons for all snow enemies
v0.0.1: First public beta
Added Forest Zookeeper
Added summons for all surface forest enemies
Current Beta is attached to this page, mod browser release when all zookeepers are added
Next Zookeeper: Underground


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