Pixel Art Dark Souls and Bloodborne Armor Sprites in Terraria by me


Soulsborne Armor Sprites
Enlarged Head Patient Set (no background).png
Xanthous Set (no background).png

Enlarged Head Patient's Set and Xanthous Set

*Put on pause atm, doing some other Terraria stuff* :)

After making my first pixel artwork for the Vanity Contest, I was inspired to try and create some more. These ones are from the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne.​
*these armors aren't actually in the game, I'm very new to all of this so for now they are just 'ideas' you could say, as a few of these I realise would not even be possible to have in Terraria. At some point in the future, I would probably take the time to learn how to make a mod (or multiple) with these or other things.

I mainly chose things with um, odd head/helmet shapes as you can see... but really, just stuff that hasn't already been done to death *cough cough, Solaire's Armor*, armors people haven't already made or probably wouldn't make in Terraria (at least not at the time of writing).

If you aren't familiar with the series or a specific game and want to know or look up what these sprites are meant to represent, the armor/enemy/set names that my sprites are made from are listed below as well as which game in the series they're from.

From left to right, text colors correlate with backgrounds of the sets.
Gold-Hemmed Black Set (Dark Souls 1)
Knight Set (Dark Souls 3)
Soulsborne Armor Sets PART1.png
Crowfeather Set (Bloodborne)
Constable Set (Bloodborne)
Sorcerer Set (Dark Souls 3)
Xanthous Set (Dark Souls 1, Dark Souls 2 & Dark Souls 3)
Soulsborne Armor Sets PART2.png
Loyce Set (Dark Souls 2)
Slave Knight Set (Dark Souls 3)
Dragon Acolyte Set (Dark Souls 2)
Enlarged Head + Enlarged Head Patient, Chest & Leggings (Bloodborne)
Soulsborne Armor Sets PART1.png
Scholar Robes + Grand Archives Scholar, Helmet (Dark Souls 3)
Executioner Set (Bloodborne)
Ringed Knight Set (Dark Souls 3)
Ruin Set (Dark Souls 2 & Dark Souls 3)
Soulsborne Armor Sets PART2.png

Currently, there are -
2 sets from Dark Souls 1.
4 sets from Dark Souls 2.
7 sets from Dark Souls 3.
4 sets from Bloodborne.
Note: If it's underlined, and says (enemy name), Helmet, Chest or Leggings, then those parts of my sets weren't originally acquirable/equipable in those games and I just added them for the sake of creating a full set rather than having it be something like a lone Helmet or Chestpiece. For example, with the 'Enlarged Head Patient's Set', you can only acquire the headpiece in the game, so I added the 'Enlarged Head Patient' enemies clothing, or as I say their 'Chest' and 'Leggings' that the enemy can be seen wearing in-game.
22/03/2020 or 03/21/2020 (for Americans): Added the Loyce Set (Dark Souls 2) and Slave Set (Dark Souls 3), made changes to Ruin Set (Dark Souls 2 & 3)
23/03/2020 or 03/23/2020: Made changes to the Executioner Set Helmet (Bloodborne)
27/03/2020 or 03/27/2020: Added the Xanthous Set (Dark Souls 1, 2 & 3), Sorcerer Set (Dark Souls 3), Constable Set (Bloodborne), Clandestine Coat (Dark Souls 3). Made changes to Ringed Knight Set (Dark Souls 3)
09/04/2020 or 04/09/2020: Added the Crowfeather Set (Bloodborne), Knight Set (Dark Souls 3), Gold-Hemmed Black Set (Dark Souls 1)
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Made these two.

Made two new sets, the Loyce Set from Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Ivory King DLC and the Slave Set from Dark Souls 3 Ashes of Ariandel DLC.

Loyce Set
Edit 5.png

The Loyce Set might have been the most difficult one so far, largely because of its unfortunate proportions. It was difficult trying to get its angle right and such. I first tried using my Ruin Set as a base thinking, "gee, well don't these two helmets look pretty similar," but that didn't work out so well, so I had to create a new one that went through many changes. I'm not entirely happy with this result but... there it is.

Example/Reference Pictures

Loyce Knight NPC.png
Loyce Armor Set.jpg
Loyce Concept Art.jpg

Slave Set
Edit 4.png

Example/Reference Pictures

Slave Set Angles.jpg
Slave Set Front.jpg
Slave Set + Gael Concept Art.png


Ruin Set Changes Left to Right.png

Changed from left version to right version.

Made some changes to the Dark Souls 2 & 3 Ruin Set, mainly to its helmet to try to make it look more accurate to its in-game depiction. It's all more shiny now as it was quite odd looking before.

Example/Reference Pictures

Dark Souls 3 Ruin Set.jpg
Dark Souls 2 Ruin Sentinel.jpg
Dark Souls 2 Ruin Sentinel Concept Art.jpg

Executioner Set Changes Left to Right.png

Changed from left version to right version.

Edit: Small update to the Executioner Set from Bloodborne, made changes to its helmet (known as the 'Gold Ardeo') for further accuracy to the game.

Example/Reference Pictures

Executioner Set.png
Executioner Set Artwork.jpg
Alfred Concept Art.png
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Three new sets.

Made the Xanthous Set from Dark Souls 1, 2 & 3, the Sorcerer Set from Dark Souls 3 and the Constable Set from Bloodborne.

Constable Set
Edit 1.png

I decided to make the one-eyed iron helmet of the Constable Set have its eye-hole where the eye of your character is actually located rather than in the upper right as seen in game (pictured below).

Example/Reference Pictures

Valtr Artwork.jpg
Valtr Concept Art.jpg

Sorcerer Set
Edit 2.png

Example/Reference Pictures

Sorcerer Set.jpg
Sorcerer Robes.png
Sorcerer Artwork.jpg

Xanthous Set
Edit 3.png

The Xanthous Set is in all the Dark Souls games, with each game making various visual changes to the set. Dark Souls 2 just made the head significantly smaller, and Dark Souls 3's version of the set is... not all that great. so I decided on the original. No, not Demon Souls 'Monk's Head Collar,' but Dark Souls 1's gloriously proudly towering yellow crown.

Unfortunately, I soon saw just how comically large this golden crown was, and realised that I could not make this helmet soar to the heavens to show off in all its glory as I had previously hoped. Failing to create something that befit the grandeur stature of the original, I would instead have to settle for something lesser. So what was the next best thing? Dark Souls 2's crown. Though this helmet is not what it once was, it is the closest possible appearance to the original one could hope for.

Example/Reference Pictures

Xanthous Set Front and Back.jpg
Xanthous Set.jpg
Xanthous King Jeremiah Concept Art.jpg


Clandestine Coat (left)
and the Deep-Blue Coat (right) of the Sorcerer Set
Clandestine Coat (no background).png
Clandestine Coat Variation (no background).png

The Clandestine Coat is its own separate chest-piece found in Dark Souls 3.

The Dark Souls 3 Sorcerer Set comes with underclothing pretty much identical to the Clandestine Coat, but described as being 'deep blue' in the game rather than the black of the Clandestine Coat. This Deep-Blue Coat variation is not actually available in the game separate from the sorcerer's robes and the color difference is fairly minimal, but I wanted it be its own separate option anyway.

Example/Reference Pictures

Clandestine Coat.png
Clandestine Coat Comparison.png

The Clandestine Coat also has a female variation which features a fairly different design which I have not made at this point, but I will make this variation for both the Deep-Blue Coat and Clandestine Coat at some point.

Example/Reference Pictures

Clandestine Coat Female Front.jpg
Clandestine Coat Female Back.jpg

Ringed Knight Set Changes Left to Right.png

Changed from left version to right version.

Made some minor changes to the Ringed Knight Set. Moved the Dark Sign on the chest to the left so that it is centred, moved the horns, changed the leggings to be more accurate and made the eye mask slightly brighter and moved it away from the armor as it blended a bit too much. The outline of the armor is also no longer completely black.

Ringed Knight Set - Example/Reference Pictures

Ringed Knight Set.png
Ringed Knight.jpg
Ringed Knight Concept Art.jpg
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Three more new sets.
The Crowfeather Set from Bloodborne, Knight Set from Dark Souls 3 and the Gold-Hemmed Black Set from Dark Souls 1.

Crowfeather Set
New Additions 1.png

Example/Reference Pictures

Crowfeather Set.jpg
Crowfeather Set Top.jpg
Eileen the Crow Concept Art.jpg

Knight Set
New Additions 2.png

Example/Reference Pictures

Knight Set.jpg
Knight Set Model.jpg
Knight Set Concept Art.jpg

Gold-Hemmed Black Set
New Additions 3.png

Finally made a set that is specifically/only from Dark Souls 1.

Example/Reference Pictures

Gold-Hemmed Black Set Front and Back.jpg
Gold-Hemmed Black Set Side Shot 2.JPG
Quelana of Izalith Full Concept Art.jpg


None at the moment because I'm lazy.​
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i like a lot of your sprites, some more than others, but might I ask, do you use AmorHelper? If not, I think it will be a huge help. It saves a loooooooot of time. Anyway, cool Dark Souls/Bloodborne mod :)

Edit: Apparently im really dumb and fail to realize that this isnt a mod and its only tagged with pixel art...
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I would personally love to see some of these sets in a mod. This would be awesome paired with some other dark souls mods out there. Also keep up the steady improvement!
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