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Darkmega5's Sunday Suggestions


The Destroyer
Every Sunday, I will post another suggestion here. (assuming I'm available to do so.)
feel free to share your thoughts here!
I am TERRIBLE with artwork. feel free to provide artwork of any of the ideas on here in a PM.
please keep things on-topic
without further ado, let the suggestions begin!

Duke Fishron Drops
after looking at his drops, I realized each class had a great weapon from duke fishron.
summoner has the tempest staff, ranger has the tsunami, the mage has 2 options in the bubble gun and razorblade typhoon, while melee has the flairon.
which, don't get me wrong, is still a good weapon, but not everybody loves flails.
and, if mage has 2 drops, why can't melee also have two drops?
same problem with ranger. some people like guns over bows, so I think the duke should drop a gun also.
I always viewed duke fishron as a way to get better weapons, yet it does not have options for everyone. so why not give it these options?

Throwing Weapon Improvements
outside of modded content, throwing weapons are common, weak, and are mainly for the early game. here are 3 buffs that could help keep throwing weapons stay in your inventory for a little longer.

Special effects: why not make a frostburn throwing knife, or maybe a shuriken that ricochets off of enemies? any special effect could significantly help the throwing weapon cause.

The basics: a small damage buff, improved versions for later in the game, or even a speed boost, anything helps

NPC sales: I know the merchant already sells shurikens, but there is potential for other NPCs to sell different throwing options. take the dryad, for example. she could sell throwing weapons that cleanse the world evil/hallow. explosive throwing weapons for the demolitionist, mana draining throwables (similar to the vampire knives) from the wizard, maybe elemental throwables (EX: a throwing knife that conjures a lightning bolt on impact) from the travelling merchant? all of those would help​

Boss Loot Exchange
I know mods already have this sort of thing, but I want this in VANILLA. with bosses from the king slime all the way to the moon lord, some drops are useless, while others are worth your time. People got the former WAY too many times. with an npc, placeable, or something else entirely, this would lessen complaints about bosses by a tremendous amount.​

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