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Story Ded Freg

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Jack Morgan

Skeletron Prime
Alright, time to write.


Chapter 12
I sat grumpily on the subway, glaring at the massive bustle around me. I would have given a damn lot not to be locked inside a metal shell full of mortals hurtling at immense speeds through an underground tunnel. I had nothing against high speed travel, but I would much rather it be via flying on my own pair of wings. But this time around, I could not, as I had to take the others with me. The sins did a fairly good job of blending in, at least, and the Four had locked themselves in another car. Lilith sat at my right, shooting quick glances at me from time to time that she didn't think I saw. I sighed, turning my head to her.

"What is it?"

"Hm? Oh, eh.. You just... Don't look very happy."
"I never look happy. Now stop lying and tell me."
"Fine. Big Red told me to keep an eye on you. 'Parantly he thinks something's up."
"Greeaat. You know I can take care of myself. Big Red should know that by now, too."
"That's why I'm worried. If Big Red is afraid of something, that's a whole lotta reason for us to be afraid too."
"Hmph. Whatever he's freaking out about, I can more than take care of it. Let it come."
"If ya say so."

After that, she left me alone. There were a lot of mortals around, and I couldn't shake the feeling more than a few of them were staring at me. Stupid humans, never minding their own damn business. I sighed, leaning back and pulling out an ancient tome and reading while I waited. My book was suddenly thrown from my hand, and the subway screeched to a halt. Which would have been a relief, if the ride wasn't supposed to be over for another hour or so. The Sins all huddled together, murmuring to each other, so I went to ask the Four if they had any clue. Poking my head inside their door, I tapped my cane to get their attention.

"Oi. You guys see anything that might have to do with the sudden stop?"

"Why, no, Grim. Certainly not that all the mortals don't seem to be reacting at all."

I glared at him a moment, but he was right. I hadn't noticed, but the humans were all still standing around, muttering to each other and reading newspapers.

"Looks like some enthralling spell, perhaps. We're dealing with a demon of some power here."
"Yeah, I gathered that much. But if you'll notice, there's not a single trace of demon energies here."
"Hm... So there isn't. You encounter anything like this working for Big Red before?"

I was about to tell him no, but then something came to mind that I'd seen when picking up a glamour a while back.

"Hm... There was once a mortal I saw, actually. He was watching me, but he disappeared without any kind of trace at all."

"Well, it seems that perhaps he wasn't a mortal. Or he was a thrall of whoever is accosting us here, which is a good bit likely. Any idea what your friend wants with us?

Before I could give him a angry glare, there was the sound of metal tearing, and footsteps echoed through the subway car. I called off my glamour and readied my scythe, slowly turning to meet our guest.

End of Chapter
Things are a-happenin'.
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