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Story Deeper meaning/story?

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ok I don’t know why but I feel like the bosses or terraria in general have a deeper meaning or story to them. Here are my thoughts;

You live in a world that once contained magic and spirits, but you and the people living in this world are oblivious to the fact that these spirits still live. The workers in the town soon become aware of these forces, for they have witnessed others like you face them. They tell stories of magical creatures and evil beings, but being a new player in this twisted game you called life, you didn’t believe them. But one night, you and the other townspeople felt a strange and evil presence watching you from afar. Soon after, an enormous eye began shooting towards you and your town, with the intention to kill. You fight and slay the beast, unaware of what you have done. The items it dropped were pulsing with dark energy, and you dared to collect more, so you began to set out to defeat more of these strange, dark creatures, and eventually you somehow made it to some sort of underworld while mining for the dark matter. In this underworld, you discovered broken-down houses, demons and all sorts of flaming beasts. One of these beasts was holding a doll it refused to give up. You slay the beast and take the doll. It bears a striking resemblance to your good friend <guide name>, and you feel some sort of energy coming from it. Yet you see no purpose in keeping the doll, and decide to discard it. You found a nearby lava pit and throw the doll into it. All too late you realize that energy was voodoo magic, but the doll was already burning. The doll disintegrated, not killing the guide, but bringing him into the fiery world you found, and showing his true form, a gargantuan wall made out of flesh and bloody tissue. The eyes began watching you, and the mouth began to growl. The wall of flesh begins chasing you; with small heads attached to tendrils, reaching to bite you; and long, bloody, disgusting leeches seeking blood to feed from. You at last defeat the disgusting, gory abomination, setting the ancient forces that he imprisoned for so many years free. These spirits began invading the world, taking over areas, corrupting them and creating more beasts attempting to kill the creature treading on their ground. You destroy the spirits, and their strange lands, until the world is drained of life. It is dull and grey. But you decide not to stop there. You traverse other universes, draining their life, never having enough. After every single world has been completely drained, you stand alone in a void. You realize where your greed has led. There is nothing left. You were the monster all along.

I’d like to hear your thoughts, too!(sorry the story is poorly written I wrote it in the car within like 2 minutes )
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