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Delayer and Wire Hub

Master Geass

The Delayer will be 3 blocks long and like the timer would furniture and come in different variants. The way how it works is you would wire each of the end. When the input side receives a pulse it would wait a set amount of time then send a pulse from the output end. This also makes for one way wires but won't work with pumps or teleporters. The Delayer can't receive a pulse the tame tick it sends out a pulse to prevent it from going in an endless loop. Which side the input and output are on will depend on which way you are facing when you place it and will be ether marked with arrows or +/-.

The Wire Hub is a 1x1 furniture item as well. If there are multiple color wires over it then when one receives a pulse they all receive a pulse. This can allow a signal to change colors and eliminate the need for anymore wire colors. For example if you have two red wires crossing paths you could have one hub on ether side of one of them. The other red wire could switch to green just long enough to pass over the first red one without interfering with each other.

Both would have simple recipes or be sold by the Mechanic. In the case of the Delayer it could likely use the watches.


Official Terrarian
There should also be a delayer with no delay, maybe called a diode? (purpose is for it to only go in one direction)
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