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PC DerpKing's All Item Shop

Discussion in 'Terraria Shops' started by D3RP/\TRON, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. hn

    hn Terrarian

    Hi how much is a lucky coin if you have one?
  2. Ryujun

    Ryujun Terrarian

    Do you have a megashark for sale?
  3. Ryujun

    Ryujun Terrarian

    My steam is: jsun2999
  4. redstonecreeper8

    redstonecreeper8 Terrarian

    Can I buy a Celestial Sigil???
  5. D3RP/\TRON

    D3RP/\TRON Spazmatism

    My apologies to everyone who has posted here, I have been inactive on the forums lately because of life 'n stuff. I will be taking requests again.
  6. xHorizonSwiftx

    xHorizonSwiftx Terrarian

    How much would you ask for a Rod of Discord?
  7. D3RP/\TRON

    D3RP/\TRON Spazmatism

    Maybe a full platinium
  8. Random kid

    Random kid Terrarian

    Can I get 1 fish finder and a cersed yarn(the cat pet with a hat)
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    Can I get the fish finder and the cersed yarn(the cat with a hat that looks like Tim’s)
  9. 45612876

    45612876 Terrarian

    Do you have a Sextant available? I'd love to purchase one, thanks.
  10. xHorizonSwiftx

    xHorizonSwiftx Terrarian

    Do you have a black lens? They're super rare.. but I'd give you like.. however much gold you wanted for one.
  11. D3RP/\TRON

    D3RP/\TRON Spazmatism

    I'll take 10 Gold for one
  12. xHorizonSwiftx

    xHorizonSwiftx Terrarian

    I found a black lens today, whilst fighting the Destroyer. Sorry, though I definitely need a PDA. https://terraria.gamepedia.com/PDA
    Again, however much gold you want for one. I've saved up 2 platinum.
  13. D3RP/\TRON

    D3RP/\TRON Spazmatism

    Hm, a PDA Could go for a Single platinum
  14. xHorizonSwiftx

    xHorizonSwiftx Terrarian

    I'll do it. My Steam is xHorizonSwiftx.
  15. 2bh

    2bh Terrarian

    Im looking to buy topaz and sand