Destroy the Godmodder: Through Fire and Flames

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    Redstonetam15 Eater of Worlds


    Today was another day on the Terra Terraria server. The server was absolutely beautiful and had all the famous mods, Bluemagic, Tremor, Calamity, Spirit, you name it, the server has it. To prevent the server from being a hellish place to be, there were many different worlds to hang out in for each mod, for example, there was a world for Ultraconyx and another for Thorium, so that people could have fun fighting Ragnarok as a challenge instead of just farming it and killing it over and over again with the same overpowered as hell weapon.

    One day, however, the peace was disturbed.

    “Godmodder967 has joined.”

    Some of you laugh at his ridiculous name, some of you stare, and some of you are slightly afraid.

    Then something happens, something that is never supposed to happen in Terraria, not in Minecraft, not in Garry’s Mod, not in any game at all. Every block, bit by bit, was torn apart. The lobby was blown into pieces, you become stuck in first person in a 3D, infinitely spanning world. Then, a whole 30 seconds of lag happens. When the lag wanes, you see mountains and miles of people. Some of them run off into the forests, only to be confronted by giant beasts and be instantly slain. Some of the Ultraconyx players are suddenly stripped of their obnoxiously overpowered items and fall to the ground. Several structures meant for killing are spawned. And in all this madness, the Godmodder smiles.

    Some of you try to log out of this madness, but then you all notice.

    There is no log out button.

    Some of you sigh and walk away, in fact most of you do. But as the crowd clears, there are people who stand to fight.

    You. All of you playing now stand up to fight against this Godmodder. You will not let your server be ruined like this.


    1: To win, complete the titular task and destroy the Godmodder!

    1a: The godmodder is very aggressive, and will release every power in his arsenal, building up armies and mowing down your ranks.

    2: The Godmodder blocks almost every attack against him, but enough creativity will mean he can't block it. Creativity is, in general, the way to do things in this game. However, silly enough or cool enough attacks will get in as well. Long attacks will not work, so your page long essay of random attacking can be put away.

    2a: However, it that long attack is full of creative and/or silly things that make sense together, it will deal damage to the Godmodder, possibly more than one damage!

    2b: If you can kill an entity with less than max required attack, you an use leftover attack to attack another entity. So lets say an enemy has 5,000 HP left. You can deal 5,000 damage to that entity and deal 5,000 damage to another.

    3: There exists a thing known as the Curse of Repetitiveness™. The Curse of Repetitiveness™ does several things. Firstly, it ensures that if something damages the Godmodder, he can never take damage from that again. Next, it ensures that attempts to repeat things -- for example, resummoning entities or using the same attack over and over -- just don't work. Be creative, don't just repeat things!

    4: Destroying the Godmodder doesn't just mean attacking him. You can charge things, make Alchemies, summon entities, and many more things!

    5: You get two posts per round. A round is counted as a GM post that responds to all non-nulled player posts and includes an End of Turn Battle, or EoTB. (Nulling is placing the string "/null" in your post, or some variant of it, which basically indicates that you don't want your post to be counted as one of your two posts per turn. However, attempt to refrain from doing so, and bring all null conversations to direct messages, calls, etc.) IF YOU TRY TO USE AN ALT AND I FIND OUT, YOUR ALTS WILL NOT BE COUNTED.

    5: Follow all of the forum rules.

    6: Please don't argue with the GM. You can point out mistakes I make, that's welcomed, but if I ask you to stop arguing with me, do so.

    7: You are invulnerable, meaning that you cannot be killed by anything, be it friend or foe. However, there are exceptions that will be explained.

    8: Player alignments, as explained below, are AG, N and PG. You can't be Hostile, sorry, just be Neutral.

    8a: There can only by up to 5 PG players at a time for balance reasons. I don't want this game to be a slog.

    9: This game is not a roleplay, you don't need a character or backstory to join. Jump in at any time, you are welcomed! Hell, my character was an out of nowhere edgelord robot when I first played DtG.

    10: If you and a player want to fight each other and you decide to, this will initate a STRIFE! A STRIFE! will spawn you as vulnerable players with 20/20 HP, taking very few damage per attack. Actions in a STRIFE! are separate from your actions in the battlefield and you can still act on the field if you have already acted in a STRIFE! and vice versa. Only one STRIFE! may be ongoing at a time, and attempts to start a second one will result in the Godmodder putting a temporary barrier between you two until you either cool down or the current strife ends.

    10a: You cannot use a charge in a strife.

    11: Updates will generally happen of Fridays, but possibly later depending on life.

    12: As the Godmodder's HP gets to certain points, new features will be unlocked, or you will be able to deal more damage!



    [AG]: Stands for Anti-Godmodder. Everyone starts as this unless you specify which alignment you want to be. You fight against the Godmodder on this side.

    [PG]: Stands for Pro-Godmodder. The Godmodder and his mooks are on this side. You fight for the Godmodder on this side as well.


    [H]: Stands for Hostile. Usually very powerful Neutral entities with a weak point. Fights everyone, regardless of alignment.

    [N]: Stands for Neutral. You aren't affiliated with any of the other alignments.

    [V]: Stands for Virus. These are like hostile except weaker, have no weak point, and they can infect entities to turn to their side.

    BOSS: On occasion, bosses will appear. These are the strongest entities and drop special items called Spoils of War upon death. Specific faction colorations for bosses exist, and are: [AG BOSS]/[N BOSS]/[PG BOSS]/[H BOSS]/[V BOSS]


    Spoils of War are high-powered items dropped by bosses, granted to the player which killed them. They have a charge time and may not be reused until they have fully charged up, but have game-changing effects, including massive damage, comboed attacks, massively boosting the damage of an attack, or inflicting enormously powerful status effects. A list of all current Spoils of War, their holder, and their effects is here! The person to get the last hit on the boss gets the Spoil.

    Noobcarrier Remote. 0/7. Summons a friendly Noob Squadron Leader. Owned by TOG.


    1: Not only can you perform regular actions, you can also charge actions! These are generally denoted by something like n/25, where n is the number of times you have charged this action and 25 is the number you are charging to.

    2: You can raise a charge by one point per post. If you raise it by more than one point per post without assists, your charge will be nerfed to account for the actual time you charged it.

    3: You have two slots in which to charge, both of which are capped at 50.

    3a: Any joint charges with more than 150 charges involved will immediately be denied for balance purposes.

    4: Charges can be assisted! Every post, each player gets two assists, which can be parceled out to other players. You cannot assist yourself! Recommended formatting as follows: +n to [playername], where n is the amount of assists. For example: +2 to extremecoolkid12 ; +1 to Toasterman and +1 to Supreme Leader Snoke.

    4a: The maximum amount of assist points that can be given out is 2, no more than that. You can choose to give out only 1 assist point or not assist at all.

    5: Charged actions are much stronger than regular actions. Charges can be used to summon entities, (talked about next) make attacks, or do basically anything else you want! However, charges have one weakness: charged attacks are much worse at damaging the Godmodder! Creative regular attacks are much better at that.

    6: Charges cannot be 'stored' for later use. Charges decay after three rounds of being completed without being used, unless they are being held for a group project and the other members of the group have not yet completed their charges.

    7: Charges may not be used in strifes.


    1: Entities have been a staple of DTG, and are also important in this game too. They are commanded by their summoner, or in the case of event or Godmodder spawned entities, controlled by the GM. Entities deal damage at the EoTB or do whatever special effects. They can also have passive effects, mostly negative. For example, if you manage to let yourself not have an army for too long you will all become vulnerable, or even worse the Godmodder will automatically eat your summons upon summon (Which won't happen much, I'm just giving examples.). So keep your entities up, folks!

    1a: The one exception is that entities can't be characters from other forum games, and it is also generally discouraged to use characters from other forum games in any sense. It's hard to fit other forum games into DTG, often these references won't . make sense without having played the referenced game, and it is usually just really hard to fit other forum games into DTG canon. Any entity (or character) breaking this rule will be deleted and replaced with a dank meme or whatever the GM chooses. The entity will still be yours but it will be generic.

    2: Charges are used to summon entities -- the longer you charge an entity, the stronger it becomes exponentially! The benchmark for 50-post entity is currently 250,000 health, an ability and 75,000 attack. Things like summoning and healing are "worth" about 1.5x-2x more than attack.

    3: Entities can be summoned without charging them at all, but they will usually be brainwashed by the Godmodder and turned to his side. Don't try to cheat the system by summoning, say, 2-charged entities either.

    4: Barring special circumstances, entities cannot be resummoned once they have died or otherwise left the battlefield. If you attempt to do so your action will be denied and if you used charge points you will be refunded.

    4a: If the entity is resummoned as a different entity, however, and not a carbon copy, it will be allowed, as long as you don't do it more than once.

    5: Entities can be summoned as any alignment, meaning that you can summon Hostile entities as an AG. However, it is advisable that you instead summon entities on your alignment.

    6: Entities can be as creative as you can think of, with insane mechanics, complicated management, and many other things. However, almost all entities have one thing in common -- they act during the End of Turn Battle, or EoTB, a time at which the GM (me) tallies up all entity orders and puts them into effect.

    6a: Do note that entities that are obviously overpowered or are so complex to the point where the GM can’t comprehend them will be denied, and you will be able to instead summon a different entity that follows the guidelines.

    7: There exist special types of entities known as Elites and Bosses. Elite entities are bolded in the EOTB, and are generally the strongest on the field other than Bosses. These are placed in groups of three every few waves of mooks. Bosses are spawned when reaching certain thresholds or when the GM decides that the game needs some spicing. Bosses and Elites cannot be summoned by a single player, but several players working together can spawn them. Elites need around 50 charge points and Bosses need 100.

    AG Resistance

    1. Every other turn, any of the 20 Resistance members that are dead will be replaced. AG and N players can feed DarkUprising some assists to possibly change the number of Resistance members and some other things.

    2. DarkUprising respawns every other turn.

    Oh yeah, we have a Discord.

    Are you ready to fight that Godmodder? Good.

    [GODMODDER] The Godmodder 100/100 HP.
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  2. plague126

    plague126 Terrarian

    1/50. Rise and Shine, Ursine!
    1/50. Bookworm.
    I pour watered-down juice down the Godmodder’s throat. I empower this with the fact that I am an actual Lord of Sealand.
  3. ThatOtherGuy

    ThatOtherGuy Steampunker


    1/10 something completely different

    +1 plague

    I whip out a rifle and fire it off into the distance, in an act of uncharacteristic ally good foresight.
  4. Emerald Mann

    Emerald Mann Brain of Cthulhu

    Error 1/null
    +2 TOG

    I take a random sword off the ground and stab the Godmodder with it. Ok that’s a broken sword. Yeah that worked. At least as a distraction while he gets stabbed in the back by some more swords. . . . That all broke. This might be an issue, or at least it would have if all of the swords hadn’t had contact exploding adhesive. Which then obviously explode. Into more swords. That also explode. Into explosions.
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  5. ThatOtherGuy

    ThatOtherGuy Steampunker


    2/10 something different

    +1 Emrald Mann

    Staring at the Godmodders brutally mangled not-corpse, I come to the realization that it would work quite well as a brewing stand: A cauldron-like mouth filled with strange liquids from the mythical realm of seaworld, heated by a few explosions from several swords, it's nearly perfect!
    I dash up to him, and while he's still gargling the juices I shove in a few special:tm: ingredients:tm:. Thyme, [ ], the blood of a virgin, the furr of the jabberwocky, several long pumpkins, rubbing alcohol, ect, all mixed together in the Godmodder's mouth to create a thick mauve liquid. Before the Godmodder can puke it all up, I catch some in a Betty Crocker brand Vial of Delights, creating a Potion(?) of ?????, which I then quickly toss down the Godmodder's throat, giving him the serious internal hemorrhaging debuff because I just slammed a glass vial into him at high speeds.
    It hurts a fair bit.
  6. Redstonetam15

    Redstonetam15 Eater of Worlds

    Oh no, watered down juice! One of my worst enemies!
    Oh hey this is apple juice so that's ok.

    You hit a rock. The rock rises...
    You shot a golem. Now it's mad.

    The Godmodder pulls out his greatsword and uses his amazing parrying skills from Dark Souls to knock all the swords away.

    Thyme? In a potion?
    The Godmodder turns into the Thymemodder! The Thymemodder automatically destroys everything due to it's sheer OPness!

    Restarting from last action...
    You keep all your current stuff but your action is replaced by a failed generic attack on the Godmodder.

    [GODMODDER] The Godmodder: 100/100 HP.
    [PG] Stone Golem: 25,000/25,000 HP.
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  7. Emerald Mann

    Emerald Mann Brain of Cthulhu

    Error 2/null
    Null 2/error
    +2 TOG

    But wait, if he parried the swords, that would still be contact, which would mean they explode! Anyways, I kick the Stone Golem in the shin. And by shin I mean chin. And by kick I mean SHORYUKEN!
  8. JOEbob

    JOEbob Terrarian

    1/50 Nika! Better Seating!
    1/50 Nika! Cheaper tickets!
    +2 Emerald.
    A farmer named justin walks to this area, looks around, and decides that this is a good place to start his farm. he proceeds to begin constructing a farm. agonisingly slowly. it'll take days before he finishes at this rate.
  9. plague126

    plague126 Terrarian

    3/50. Rise and Shine Ursine
    2/50. Bookworm.
    +2 TOG
    I force the godmodder to beat both Bookworm Adventures gamed only spelling 3-letter words
  10. ThatOtherGuy

    ThatOtherGuy Steampunker

    3 +2/50
    +1 EM + 1 Plague

    Well that went wonderfully, didn't it.
    Except for that stupid golem getting in the way of my bullet. That was stupid and it is stupid. Stupid stupid dumb golem didn't even take any damage.
    Stupid stupid dumb butt, darn it to heck!
    The golem starts to feel depressed after all that verbal abuse and attempts to hang itself and, upon failing that, it picks up that bullet that got it mad and shoots itself with it.
  11. JOEbob

    JOEbob Terrarian

    2/50 Nika! Better Seating!
    2/50 Nika! Cheaper tickets!
    +2 Emerald.
    The farmer justin keeps working on his farm, but accelerates for some unknown reason.
  12. Redstonetam15

    Redstonetam15 Eater of Worlds

    You ultimate knee slam the Stone Golem. 7,000 damage.

    You begin to construct your farm. +3%.

    The Godmodder does it with ease.
    This is how I learned my ABCs. Not literally, but it helped.

    One measly bullet can do a lot along with recent damage. 8,000 damage.

    +6% completion to the farm.

    The Godmodder stares at the farm.
    The Stone Golem picks up a rock.

    [GODMODDER] The Godmodder: 100/100 HP.
    [PG] Stone Golem: 10,000/25,000 HP.
    [AG] Farm. 9% Completion.
  13. ThatOtherGuy

    ThatOtherGuy Steampunker

    6 +2/ 50
    +1 EM, +1 Jobboe

    I walk up to the golem, and slap it for a few thousand years. after that time had passed, I've managed to dig a bit into it, not only damaging it but also allowing me to retrieve The Bullet. Unfortunately, my flesh has long since been torn apart, my muscles rotted and the bones in my hand ground to nearly nothing.
    Totally worth it though.
  14. Emerald Mann

    Emerald Mann Brain of Cthulhu

    Error 5/null
    Null 5/error
    +2 JOE

    I take a pick axe and tell a bunch of dwarves that the Stone Golem may or may not have ores. Results are predictable
  15. ThatOtherGuy

    ThatOtherGuy Steampunker

    +1 Jobboe +1 EM

    I, uh...
    don't know what to do.
    I guess I stab the golem some more? Is that a thing you can do with a rifle? Oh well.
  16. JOEbob

    JOEbob Terrarian

    7/10 Travel to byzantium +2 emerald +2 TOG
    3/50 Nika! Cheaper tickets!
    +2 Emerald.
    (no, I'm not AG, I'm N, I should have mentioned that.)
    a note is found on the ground in front of justin, and it reads:
    "Ο Ιουστίνος σκέφτεται για τον ανιψιό του Φλάβιους Πέτρος Σαμπάτιους και αυτή η σκέψη τον παροτρύνει να συνεχίσει να εργάζεται σκληρά για τη δημιουργία του αγροκτήματος"
    that is, in english, "Justin thinks about his nephew, Flavius Petrus Sabbatius, and this thought motivates him to keep working hard on creating his farm."

    Justin is, however, illiterate, so he has no idea what this note means. he also only speaks Latin, and the note is written in greek . it appears to be made of rice paper, though, so he eats it. this brings back memories of eating rice with his nephew, Flavium
    English: Flavius
    . combined with the energy in the food, it reinvigorates him and he keeps working, maybe even working harder now?
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  17. realicraft

    realicraft Skeletron

    I BSOD the godmodders computer.
    If it's a mac or linux...
    "Unbored Smashing: Godmodder's computer"

    Enemy Farming Area 0%
    I help with the farm.
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 26, 2017, Original Post Date: Dec 26, 2017 ---
    Hey, Redstone.
    Weren't you in Tappy Tap Adventures?
    Apparently I don't know how double posts work. :confused:

  18. Emerald Mann

    Emerald Mann Brain of Cthulhu

    Error 9/null
    Null 8/error
    +2 JOE

    I toss some planks at the farm, which luckily manage to land perfectly to help build a barn. I then shoot the planks with a high precision rapid fire nail gune
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  19. JOEbob

    JOEbob Terrarian

    10/10 Travel to byzantium +2 emerald
    4/10 Heirless Anastasius catches a cold.
    +2 Emerald.
    Justin looks up from his work, wipes his brow, and says to the human helping him (Realicraft) "Gratias tibi!" ((Thank you!)), before returning to work on his farm, turning back towards the farmhouse to finish it up, before seeing a stranger(emerald) throw a series of planks at the exact spot he was about to work on, have them all land perfectly, and cause them to shudder momentarily while a loud BANG noise emits from a strange device he holds.
    Justin, being an illiterate farmer who probably popped into existence a few minutes ago, is understandably baffled.
    "tu autem prophetam dei?"
    ((("are you a prophet of god?".)))
    While he waits for yon response, he turns to the fields, as the farmhouse is done, and begins to till them further, when...
    10/10 Travel to Byzantium!
    he gets on a horse and travels to the great city, Byzantium.
    now, since I'm planning to keep playing this game, this can't be very far away, and I don't want to lose what farm progress I have. as such, via a complicated series of transactions, he thinks he's bought a new, part-finished farm and moved to another city, when really he has the same farm as before this charge and the city of Byzantium has popped into existence fair but not Too far distance away. once his farms up and running, he'll probably do something with that, but for now there's byzantium a fair distance from the battlefield, and that won't do much.
    ""New"": 1/50 Nika! Better seating!
  20. Emerald Mann

    Emerald Mann Brain of Cthulhu

    ”Eh? I’m just a guy”
    /RPnull to JOEbob