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Dialogue Panel Rework

Ever think Terraria's dialog on PC version that hasn't changed in years is bad?
Want to bring the mobile dialog to your PC version of Terraria?
Well this mod is for you!


Source | Download (1.3) | Steam Workshop (1.4) | Available in Mod Browser

It is available on both 1.3 and 1.4-alpha.

Inspired by the NPC dialogue panel in mobile version.
The mod that completely reworks NPC dialogue panel and sign editing panel.
Mods that also modified NPC dialogue panel might not work with this mod.
If issues happend, please leave a comment on this mod's Steam Workshop page or github page.


[1.4] Happiness Preferences Shown
As an alternative to the NPC Happiness Helper Resource Pack,
every town NPC now shows their happiness preferences at the top of the panel.
It's way more easier to deal with NPC happiness now.


If you click the happiness button, it will also shown in the chat.
(Only you will see the message.)

Cross Mod Support | Mod Call
All basic functions (happiness, two buttons and dialogue) works well on almost all mods.
For mods that want to add new buttons for NPC, modders can use Mod Calls.
Modders can even
access the drawing of the panel to draw their own things by using Mod Calls in PostSetupContent.
For more information, visit the mod's Mod Calls guide on github page (1.4.4).

Currently, the 1.4 version of No Fishing Quests Mod adds a shop button via an AddButton call.
You can get the source code from the github of No Fishing Quests.
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