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Did you know?

Did you know that Arkhalis' vanity comes with a Arkhalis?

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Hello Camseed,

When it comes to making threads, there has to be enough details in the description to open up the thread for discussion. Just saying "Did you know FACTS!" Doesn't make it completely clear what kind of facts you want other members to share. Is it about Terraria facts in general? If so it makes sense to share examples of what you want other members to share in the opening post.

The Opening Thread post description should make it clear without guesswork from the Thread Poll or Title. Because it isn't clear we have locked this thread.

If you have questions about this, you can send a PM to myself or any Staff member. We can clarify what needs to go into creating a thread if you want to take a shot at providing more detail for the discussion to take place.
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