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Xbox One Digging crimson blocker tunnel + WoF fight help


Hi people of Terraria, I've got a problem. I need somebody to help me and possibly my friend fight the WoF, and then I need you to go dig tunnels to stop the evil spreading ASAP, while I go on a tax collector hunt. My qualifications are:

Must have a headset
Cannot swear
Let me have loot (except coins dropped plus payment, I'll drop you all coins after picking up gear)
(not required) hardmode gear
Must start tunneling as soon as your paid

I will pay you any money in my inventory plus 3 platinum. Please please please do not skimp on tunneling, the fate of my world depends on it. I will tour you through my world first so you know where to dig, then we'll go down to the underworld and fight the WoF. I will be online during weekends from 9-12, then a break, then 2-5. I check every time one of these periods starts, and I will reply to whoever I want to hire. I am begging you not to scam me, as I'm early-game in my first playthrough and I need as much as I can get.
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