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-= "Dimrimmed" =-
A texture pack that darkens your world and provides a more neon experience!
- Version 0.3! -

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What this pack generally does:
- Most Blocks and furniture are now dark, with a brighter outline
- Backgrounds are really dark to make the outline of furniture and blocks more apparent
- Some bits of blocks and furniture are bright, making them appear neon or like it has a glow mask
- Gives you another cool icon in your Pack Selection list

These effects are more apparent the darker the background is, so naturally this pack shines in the underground or in dark areas.
This doesn't mean that other stuff is going to be the most ugliest thing you ever gazed your look upon, but it might not look really nice, especially since this is a Work in Progress and a lot of textures haven't been darkified yet (and if the build has paint involved).

I would recommend turning off backgrounds for now since most of the non-forest ones (and a few of the forest ones) haven't been modified yet.

- Screenshots! -

Note: The sky in the screenshots further down is vanilla coloured. In the game it's way darker:

(This is the brightest it can get!)

Capture 2021-04-01 18_40_22.png

Capture 2021-04-01 18_42_51.png

These three were taken in "Paradise World" and probably mostly look cool because they are generally cool:
Capture 2021-04-01 18_35_34.png

Capture 2021-04-01 18_35_16.png

Capture 2021-04-01 18_36_26.png
-:D Another update! V0.3! :D-
I changed the style to make the outline's more apparent! Basically every block got darker now so it puts the focus on the outline.
Also, I desaturated a lot of the outlines for blocks and furniture to not clash together and create visuals where you don't know where to look at!
I really like how this changes the pack, but not all blocks that have been darkified before are the new dark, so some textures will really clash!
I've also got a lot more texture work (Mostly more furniture revamped as well as broken textures (trees) fixed and like two backgrounds made to a state I can call finished) finished, I just need time to upload it as 0.3.1!

Also, a thanks to all the rare people that stumbled onto this page!
It's really nice to see people actually viewing something I've made, and it warms my heart a little! :D


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