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While there is a great "display rack" suggestion still circulating, here is something a bit different that could be useful for all you aspiring museum curators. I haven't heard one quite like this yet. A paired suggestion here:

One, a simple craftable 2x2 glass display case, either cube- or bell-shaped, perhaps made of 4x Glass at a Glass Kiln. It can be placed on top of platforms or flat furniture. Basically, any item that can reside in a player's inventory can go inside a display case, but only one at a time - no stacks. The item would appear exactly as its existing inventory sprite. Items can be freely inserted, removed, and exchanged (how I wish terrariums and critters worked, incidentally). Go ahead, admire that Large Diamond or even your lucky Dirt Block. And make sure your high-tech hospital has a visible supply of Medicated Bandages and Vitamins!

Second, supporting this suggestion (literally) is a series of themed pedestals crafted from 6 pieces of material at the proper crafting station (or looted, in the usual cases). They are 2x2 in size, because that would put displayed items at character eye-level, and because 2-wide objects can't be centered on a 2-high Table! In addition to display cases, Pedestals can support things like jellyfish bowls, candelabras, and dungeon vases.

And sorry for making more work. I'm not a spriter, myself. :(
Second, supporting this suggestion (literally) is a series of themed pedestals
supporting this suggestion (literally)
That earns you a sprite.

Have a Wood Pedestal
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Definitely love this idea.
I'm somewhat of a video game completionist and I've nearly collect every item in minecraft thanks to the Item Frames. Having a similar thing in Terraria would be just what the Witch Doctor ordered...
A huge support from me!
Hows This stone pedestal?
New Piskel.gif
Sorry about the background.

Gold pedestal
New Piskel.gif

Gem pedestal
New Piskel.gif

Living wood pedestal
New Piskel.gif
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9 years old, but there isn't a rule against necroposting so
We got the Item Frame and Weapon Rack, but those don't look very nice in fancy builds
It would be cool if the pedestals gave the items placed on it a bobbing animation like Relics
didn't even realize this was an old-school post, but yesh this would be pretty cool as an item frame and weapon rack alternative
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