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PC Doing Modded Playthrough


I was thinking of doing a super chill modded play through with the following mods:

Calamity (and music)
Thorium + Calamity Convergence Mod
AFK's Pets
Reduced Grinding
Boss Checklist
Fargo's Mutant Mod
Boss Cursor
Start with Base
Slime's Stuff
Brighter Torches
Max Stack Plus Extra
Plentiful Ores
Mod of Redemtion
Fargo's Soul Mod
Cencus -Town NPC Checklist
Faster Tools
Better Buffs
Mod Helpers
Unleveled Mod
Magic Storage
Recipe Browser
Cheat Sheet (ONLY FOR WHEN THINGS ♥♥♥♥ UP)
Shortwe Respawn Time
Which Mod Is this from
No More Tombs
More Chest Loot
Infinity - Endless Items
imkSushi's Mod

*I can change it in any way if someone doesn't like something or wants to add a mod*

Anyone want to join me? Id appreciate it if you could play at least for a couple hours a day (the more the better, I don't have a life). Id love it if you had a mic, you don't have to be that talkative, just be able to talk. If you want to join hit me up on discord @ Dav#3782 Id prefer to get it started pretty soon.


Im intrested, im not really good with mods so it will be an experinece. and i also have no life can play up to 8 hours

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