Are the sprites out there?

  1. Standard.

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  2. Amazng!

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  3. i'll see how this goes.

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  1. NormalFiend

    NormalFiend Terrarian

    Yes, that toxic game.
    This is a work in progress, with a end goal to complete(hopefully) the collection of dota 2 items. :happy:
    Right now i have only four sprites, sorting would be done in the near future(Maybe the thread itself).
    I'm still nub at sprites,don't even know how to make proper armor ones.
    Criticism, Thoughts and Changes welcome~
    D2_Boardsword.png -Broadsword
    D2_AssultCuriass.png -Assault Cuirass
    D2_SolarCrest.png -Solar Crest
    D2_Neronomicon.png -Necronomicon
    D2_ShadowBlade.png -Shadow Blade
    D2_Sange.png -Sange
    D2_Yasha.png -Yasha
    D2_Claymore.png -Claymore
    EDIT:i will try to complete the swords first,it's easier.Suggestions/Thoughts to improve the sprites please state it ^-^

    Anyone out there who can tell me on what to do to change the size of my pictures?
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