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**REPORTED** Drastically lowered mana star drops?


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To clarify up front: I'm not talking about the stars that drop at night, nor the mana stars that you create from said stars. I'm talking about mana stars that drop from enemies when your mana is not full.

I'm not sure if this is a bug. I've read through the changelog and searched this forum, but can't find anything about the following:

It seems mana stars are now an absolutely rarity, both in single and multiplayer. You're now basically forced to drink mana potions during boss fights, since there's hardly any mana to pick up. Is this an intended change? They used to drop left and right.
If so, I hope this can be reviewed, because with mana sickness still in play, (Even though sick time is lower I think? Not sure.) it's quite an annoyance. Also, with the incredibly low amount of mana dropping, I feel mana magnet accessories are quite useless now.
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