Mobile Dual Corrupt/Crimson biomes *serious help needed*

Who else has this bug?

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Ok so ever since the world expansion update came out every single world I generate has either two corruption or Crimson biomes, look at the picture.
You can see that one both left and right side of a the picture has a corruption biome, I have emailed 505Games about it and they haven't replied? Or I didn't get the email? Either way this bug affects the gameplay T.T or am is it just that I'm used to having small worlds with one corruption/crimson biomes and that medium worlds are supposed to have two corruption/Crimson biome? Please help


It is pretty normal to get multiple areas(usually not more than three major chasm/cave) of evil biomes during world gen on PC. I'm guessing that with the update of bigger worlds in mobile, mobile is just getting the same world gen as PC, or at least approaching it, anyway. Hardly a bug.
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