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Eldrazi's Classes Incorporated

- Intro

In this thread, I hope to get a discussion going regarding a few of my ideas for classes to be implemented in Terraria using tModLoader.
I will try to provide as much information (as well as a bit of backstory) for all my class ideas, as well as some ideas on items and their stats that connect to the class in question. If you're taking the time to read the whole thread (props to you),
please leave a reply with your thoughts on the ideas (even if it's just 'I like the class XXX'). I welcome any feedback!

- Class Description and Explanation
The Dealer is a class that focusses on Cards and Decks and relies heavily on luck.

Decks can be edited when talking to the Master Dealer NPC.
This means that you can fill the Deck with Cards of your choosing. A Deck can hold up to 5 Cards.
This deck serves as a weapon, the cards themselves don't. Everytime you attack with the Deck, a random card is picked from the deck and its ability is activaed (These cards are not consumed on use and all have different effects).

There are two 2 types of cards: Lum (positive) and Dal (negative).
Lum cards have positive effects. Examples could be: damaging an NPC, buffing the user, healing on hit.
Dal cards have negative effects. Examples could be: damaging the owner, applying debuffs to the owner, buffing enemy NPCs in a certain radius.

When a deck contains one or more Dal cards, the effects of the Lum cards are strengthened.

Deck with 2 Dal cards and 3 Lum cards. Normally one of these Lum cards would deal 30 damage. Because there are two Dal cards in the deck, however, the damage is increased by 40%, resulting in the base damage being 12 points higher.

It was not long after the Dawn of Cthulu when magic started running rampage across the land.
Towns were destroyed, landscapes were withered away by the powerful magic forces, driven forth by thoughts of destruction; the residue of Cthulu's appearance.
It was at this time the Elders started inventing containers that could capture this raw magic and store it away. Machinery was manufactured, relics were created, but nothing seemed to stop the awful magic. If anything, the magic became more aggressive and started building armies of mana soldiers, ready to annihilate anyone that opposed it. After years, if not decades of testing and failing; with the human race at the brink of extinction, an Elder was found dead in his chambers, holding a piece of parchment with a rune inscribed on it. Glowing blue in the already fading light of the last candle in the room, this fragile artifact sparked a last fire of hope to end the destructive magic once and for all.
The Elders started crafting these Cards at a rapid pace, storing away more and more of the magic. While the power of the magic shrunk, the thread it posed did too. Towns were rebuild and the land was alive once again. But for how long...?
The Elders, not convinced Cthulu was not to return again, decided to shape the Card artifacts into weapons. With all the magic power stored away in the runes of these artifacts, they became potent weapons, able to kill even the strongest of demons. The magic in some of the Cards, however, still ran rampant when released and turned on the users, killing them from time to time. These Cards were given the name of Dal the Slayer, where the others were given the name of Lum the Protector.
Trying to prevent any further casualties the Elders created Decks, making the Dal Cards less potent in strength, while Lum Cards became even more powerful.

Nowadays the art of Card crafting is still widely practiced, but with most of the magic of the land gone, nothing but rumours remain of the legendary Ancient Cards.
Nothing here yet? o_O
Don't worry, I plan on filling this A.S.A.P (maybe the class name will give you an idea of what kind/type of class it's supposed to be :) )!
The Chanter is a class that focusses on continually Chanting different Phrases while in combat for passive effects and accumulating enough power for Invocations.

Every Chanter carries a Chant Scroll. A Chant Scroll can contain up to four Phrases that provide passive effects to the one Chanting them. The Chanter starts Chanting when in combat and switches Phrases every six seconds. The order and types of Phrases can be changed at an Inking Table.

Phrases have different kinds of passive effects. Depending on the combat type of a Chanter, one can boost melee, ranged damage, apply weapon imbues, increase health and mana regen and much more.

Invocations are powerfull spells that can be cast when the Chanter has accumulated enough control over his or her Chants. These Invocations can be found on scrolls.
Some lesser Invocations can automatically be cast when using combinations of Phrases.

Phrase 1: Oh Lord, cast down thee fires
Phrase 2: May thee flames consume all that oppose
Phrase 3: He shielded his allies, hardening their hearts
Phrase 4: -
Phrase 1 is an Aura passive and will inflict On Fire to any nearby enemy.
Phrase 2 is an Imbue passive and will set the Chanters weapons on fire.
Phrase 1 and 2 form a combination. If they are used in any order one after another a lesser Invocation is cast, which will create a small, fiery explosion around the Chanter, directly damaging nearby enemies.
Phrase 3 is an Aura passive which will give additional defense and health to the Chanter and his or her allies.
Since Phrase 4 is empty, the last six seconds of the Chant will pass without anything happening and the Chanter will lose the control of his or her Chants.


- Peroration
Do note that these ideas are still subject to change. I'm also creating prototypes of these classes in-game, so I can test out what works and what doesn't. These prototypes will not be released untill I've got something solid and playable!
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Ah, I remember you mentioning something about this! I love the idea of throwing magic cards at enemies - the idea of a weapon that does so has been in the huge pile of my content ideas for a while - but I never considered the idea of basing an entire class around it, nor being able to customize decks. Sounds very interesting; I love the implementation of content unlike anything in the base game.

Looking forward to seeing the descriptions of the other two! I suspect Druid will be focused on transforming into various creatures, and the Chanter perhaps on channeled magics.
That's actually some sweet ideas!:)
My favourite is Chanter: scroll system reminds me of Magicka spell system.
Can't wait to see those classes in the game(if I understood you correctly, you are going to put them in mod, right?)

Also, got an idea for Healer(Medic, Priest, whatever) class, who specialises on healing and providing stat bonuses on teammates.Uses some kind of healing spells or even Mediguns like TF2 ones?
That's actually some sweet ideas!:)
Can't wait to see those classes in the game(if I understood you correctly, you are going to put them in mod, right?)

Also, got an idea for Healer(Medic, Priest, whatever), who specialises on healing and providing stat bonuses on teammates.Uses some kind of healing spells or even Mediguns like TF2 ones?
Thanks and yeah, I'm integrating these classes in-game (apart from each other for now, once they're all finished I may compile them in one big modpack)!
Once I get some visuals (HALP, I ain't no spriter!) I may get some gifs/small vids going on the different classes.

And I've actually been thinking about a healer class, but... Well, all these classes already have some (team)support spells/items included, so it might feel a bit obsolete.
I'll keep the suggestion in mind, though!
This is awesome - I remember when we were all brainstorming classes in our old Negadium conversation.
If you ever need any help with art, I'm happy to help. ;)
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