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PC Encumbering Stone and Void Bag QoL


I have no idea how to form this suggestion into a proper sentence.

1. Let's say you have the Encumbering Stone on your inventory and you try to pick up some stone blocks, I kind of wish it would pick them up if you already have stone blocks on your inventory, so you could only pick up items that don't take up more space on the inventory.

2. Kind of a similar thing with the Void Bag, my suggestion is that it would place items on the void bag even if your inventory isn't full, if there's an item like that in the bag already.
For example, you have a stone block on the void bag, and pick up another, while your inventory still has room, but it gets transported to the void bag anyway.

3. I feel like the two items could work together, as one makes the pickup system act like your inventory is full, and the other places items on your storage IF your inventory is full.

I feel that would offer some extra inventory management in the game, allowing you to, for example, have the void bag hold any extra stacks of blocks while you're mining, and any blocks you mine get placed there automatically, while you still have room for other drops on your inventory, or using the encucumbering stone to prevent any new items taking room in your inventory while still being able to collect items like torches you've placed or ore you're gathering.

Of course, these suggestions kind of make them work as different items, so a toggle or a side-grade could be an option.

(oh BTW the Encumbering stone prevents Mana Cloak's star pickups, while still allowing regular mana stars and hearts, I'll write a bug report on that)


Mayhaps make the void bag work that way if you put an encumbering stone in it? That way it has the same effect no matter what inventory its in?
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