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tModLoader Endless Escapade


Official Terrarian
Endless Escapade

What is Endless Escapade? (Current Progress)
Endless Escapade is an ambitious Terraria mod being developed by the EE team, currently focusing on subworlds and their applications.
This mod focuses on adding new features and mechanics formerly unseen or even unheard of by the tModLoader community and integrating it seamlessly into Terraria.
  • An ocean hubworld, acting as a central hub for many ocean-based subworlds.​
  • Many new biomes with unique themes and amazing levels of detail.​
  • Many different types of sports and other things to make multiplayer Terraria more enjoyable.​
  • A unique OST composed by Universe and A44.​
  • Unique and fun content for players to explore and discover on their own.​
  • Custom shaders to make Terraria look the best it ever has.​
  • Unique lore and story to enhance player immersion.​
  • Many quality-of-life changes to vanilla to make the experience more fun.​

The Seamap.

A storm on the Seamap.

The Kelp Forest.

The Bulbous Grove

The Jellyfish Caverns.

Lythen Staff.


The Dalantinium Knives.

Dalantinium Steelbat.


Feathered Chakram.



There's even more than shown above, but a lot of it is heavy work-in-progress. That's another thing-this mod is a work in progress. We don't have a release date for Endless Escapade, and we don't intend on having one until close to release itself. This forum page will be updated as new things come out and we spoil more, so stay tuned ;)

The Developers

A44 - Musician, Conceptualizer
OS/Apple - Programmer
cynik - Spriter
Doodle - Spriter, Conceptualizer
ExitiumTheCat - Conceptualizer
Vadim - Spriter
Nomis - Spriter
Thecherrynuke - Builder, Conceptualizer
𝖕𝖍𝖆𝖓𝖙𝖆 - Artist
EpicCrownKing - Programmer, Conceptualizer
Daim/Daimgamer - Spriter
Chkylis - Lore Writer
Coolo109 - Spriter
Universe - Musician, Spriter
Pyxis - Spriter
LolXD87 - Programmer

Where to Find Us/Links

Discord: Join the Endless Escapade Discord Server! - Go here if you want to speak with the developers, get quick access to spoilers, or speak to other people.
YouTube: Endless Escapade - We'll be posting longer spoilers, development videos, and other things on here. We appreciate your support.
SoundCloud: Endless Escapade OST - Go here if you want to listen to Endless Escapade's music.

Here are some support banners you can use if you'd like! ;)


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