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Enhanced version of the textures of Terraria


Yes it should. Texture packs in general are future compatible. New textures will be missing from the texture pack, but new Terraria versions should work with older texture packs without issues.


I recently start playing terraria again and my GF had issues with this mod. easly fixed as mentioned in earlier post.

I noticed that the sun looks weird. the glow that suppose to look like light looks more like a blackhole, sun is yellow as you expect but aura or how ever you can discripe it is blackish.

picture below I hope.


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Skeletron Prime
Hey, 1.4.1 is out now. Since this is the final content patch, I hope this pack is updated one last time to include all of the new textures. I've noticed some other textures like fruit are missing.
I registered here only to reply with thank you! Amazing job.
Anyway, the pack doesn't seem to work with new version with the game because now image files are compressed into XNB files instead of png. So all you'd have to do is to convert the images to .xnb. I'm working on it.

Edit.: Done. Converted all .png files to .xnb and it works like charm. You can download here.

I used this texture pack, my Terraria crashed now i cant get back on. I used it on
Anyone know a fix?
Always make a safety backup of the folder you're about to modify. I've made a backup of the original images folder. You could easily restore it with mine if you want to. If you're interested PM me and I'll send it to you.
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Hey, for some reason this pack crashes my game after I try starting it with the texture pack enabled. Every time I need to start it I have to remove the pack from the texture packs folder and put it back in there after the game starts, because If I enable it from the menu and don't restart the game the pack does work fine, but once I close it, it does not open again until I remove the pack from the folder



Furnace texture bug

And when I try to start Terraria with this texture pack it crashes! Crash error:
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Furnace texture bug

And when I try to start Terraria with this texture pack it crashes! Crash error:
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I've found two ways to avoid the crash on startup. the first method was to just extract the zip file. the result looks like this.

the second method was to split the texture pack into 3 separate zip files.

also, I am searching for ways to improve loading times on mechanical storage. in this screenshot the png files were recompressed at level 1 and the zip file has no compression.
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