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Enhanced Werewolves


I know several werewolf tail adding texture mods have been made, but I haven't personally been satisfied with them.

Here's a preview of the revised enemy werewolf texture:


Always bothered me how werewolves didn't have a nose and had a fang way too far down their muzzle, so I've fixed that, among other things. The ears are more defined, the eyes are more sullen, the mane is fluffier and travels down the back, and the legs are more digitigrade in appearance.

Everything also applies to the buff icon, as well as the player werewolf, the only caveat being the back fluff. I recommend wearing a scarf or a cloak with the transformation anyways, so it doesn't particularly matter.​



i seem to have discovered a bug, the back mane thing seems to be missing on the player charm sprite
Yeah, I'm aware of that. I mentioned it in my post. The chest piece of the werewolf doesn't seem to support the texture going that far back. The only solution I could think of would be to retexture a random back accessory, but I wanted to keep this clean and vanilla. Using any vanity accessory that shows up in werewolf form like the worm scarf or cloaks would hide it anyways, and I think anyone enabling the visuals for the werewolf form will have some kind of vanity accessory like that anyways.

Quinn The Wolf

there must be a way! XD... whats the most unused accesory that can be used invanity? 🤔

time to hit the wiki again... since i like pretty much every nerd seems to use every accesory at one point in time//// ;-;......

i think i know 1!, how about the shackle!, every1 can get it fast, people often hide it right awat :D tho id conflict whit the magic cuffs and celestial cuffs, sigh im so stupid....

nut yeah id do anything whitin my capabilities to get the back fur to work properly xd

also apologys for the LOOOONG responce been very busy last month especialy whit my laptop and coputer parts breaking on all the sides sigh.... ;-;

do you have the old file? i could try to edit it 🤔 tho i suck MADFLY at editing pictures, i dont even know what modders use to sprite O_O i just use erasing tools and converters to do the nooby stuff i have done years back

secondedit: the that would be removed would be this

the crosses represent the ones that need to be removed
the blue dot/circle would be the pixel that gets recolered to a darker version of brown/blue but lighter then the darker ones near it
then it would be 1 sprite shorter, if it works then then would it be useable? 🤔 looking forward to know if youre able to do that or not :D


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Official Terrarian
@Werewulfra Why have you not used the Leg 20 for the backmane?, It works just fine


Also: "Armor_21" should be in a Armor subfolder:
├ content (Ffolder)
| └ images (folder)
|   ├ armor (folder)
|   | └ Armor_21.png
|   ├ Armor_Head_38.png
|   ├ Armor_Legs_20.png
|   ├ Buff_28.png
|   └ NPC_104.png
├ icon.png
└ pack.json


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