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evil dead II 1987 is the best and army of darkness is the best and bonus The evil dead 1981

this is the best horror movie ive ever seen so the plot is simple two young adults go to an abandoned cabin to do a vacation how ever ash listens to a tape recorder with the necromomicon releaseing the evil spirits possesing his girlfriend linda he arms himself with a shotgun and chainsaw for a hand to kill the deadites army of darkness 1992 contines after evil dead 2 after he survived the events at the cabin now sucked in mideval times ash must battle skeletons and an evil clone of himself and deadites with his oldmobile the boomstick and chainsaw (BONUS) The evil dead 1981 is the best horror movie a group of young adults go to a cabin they think its rental little did they know they find a book possesing one by one execpt ash must survive the bloody events
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