Console EZ Stuff: Pumpkin/Frost Moon. (frik under wrong catagory WHOOPS)

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    Ok, you might be doing the Pumpkin and Frost Moons, and they might be hard, so here is an EZ way to kill it. This is what you need
    1: Slimey Saddle.
    2: 2 Dummies.
    3: The summoning thing for the moons.
    4: A summoning weapon (one that doesn't go through blocks)
    5: Tea doesn't like number 5.
    6: Traps.
    7: A flat area
    8: Lava
    9: Blocks, about 2 or 3 stacks, just so you can fill up some stuff
    10: Realizing that you dont need all this stuff to do it because this is just a AFK farm.
    11: MUSIC THAT MAKES YOU DETERMINED *hums meganolvania*

    So first, you need to set up your traps. What i reccomend is some auctuated spears all around in groups of 5 in a line, all spread around, like, 7 blocks up from eachother, with 5 rows. This covers fliying stuff. Next is the land peeps. Just do some actuated dart and flame traps. Next, the two dummies and the slimey saddle. Place the two dummies next to eachother, and put a block a few blocks above them. Now, use your slimey saddle and jump on those dummies! You now have invincibility. AND THATS JUST FOR THE "farm" PART! Now this is where things get really started! You can't beat the power of my hypnosis COME ON BOB! Give 'em their diagnosis! You need to cover part of the area with a thin layer of lava, so that the enemies dont spawn there. Basicly you want them to come a certain way. If you want them to come to the right, have a thin layer of lava to the left, if you want them to come to the left, put a thin layer of lava to the right. Now that you got all of this, wait until night to REKT EVERYTHING!!!!! Also u might be wondering why I said you need a summoning weapon. Because it makes EVERYTHING quicker. You can just summon ur minions and trap them somewhere. In a box where you want the bosses to be, or in a crab machine to power ur last prisim or something IDC. Also this is TOTALLY tested out and TOTALLY works and i DIDN'T just make it up in my mind Hopefully they think im telling the truth SO NOW BAI!!!!!!!!!
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    Also this is my first part of the EZ Stuff seires!
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    I tried as much of this as i could on my mobile god character and i barly got wave ten for both moons
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    Try adding a few more traps! Even though you really shouldn't since this is a guide xD
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    Since the charachter can still use some attacks, consider waving a star wrath around while mousing over your foes