PS5 Failing to connect whilst joining multiplayer on PS5


Me and my Brother have been playing Terraria for about two weeks now. We defeated some of the normal-mode bosses and got into the dungeon. However, despite being able to play for about a week normally, we're no longer able to play the game with one another as it "fails to connect." Despite restarting the console, checking NAT type and internet connections, and even reinstalling the game, there seems to be no solution. This has been the case for about five days now and I doubt it's anything to do with the servers considering that other people on the PS5 can still play naturally with one another. We have both purchased the game. On top of this, the game versions are both the same and do not need updating. Really, I can't figure out a reason why this is happening...
Is this issue happening universally with anyone else too?

Does anyone have any solutions?
Here is what the problem looks like
I wanted to play with my friends but this showed up and i don't know what  to do. Can someone help us? : r/Terraria
or reasons why this may be happening? Any help or responses would be very much appreciated.
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