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Fall to The Corruption

for v1.3.x
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- There are curses and malice in the world and The Corruption Biome is exist.
Those are strong and formed the Corruption Biome.
Have you thought... if you change them to strong power and you can use it?

This mod gives you new power from The Corruption Biome.

< Contents >
27 items
7 tiles
9 buffs
and new player's status called "Corrupt Level"

You can make some vanilla weapons stronger by consuming Corrupt Level.
You can use Corrupt Level when you drink "Taboo Soup".

< Misc >
This mod has 1 secret seed.
This mod supports Japanese. [Config]
This mod shows which mod the item came from. [Config]

< Change Logs >
- Modify
System: If you want to prevent to damage from enemies of The Corruption in HardMode, required MaxCorruptLevel > 100
Item: "Corrupt Shotgun" - changed damage 30(45) to 32(55)
Recipe: "Lesser CorruptLevel Healing Potion" - "Deathweed" -> "Vile Mushroom"
Recipe: "CorruptLevel Healing Potion" - "VileMushroom" -> "Deathweed"

- Add
Japanese translation of new contents
- Fixed(Important)
Error(Warn): IndexOutOfRangeException has occurred when player is damaged from some projectiles.
Error(Warn): IndexOutOfRangeException has occurred when player is damaged from some NPCs.

- Fixed
Item: Some Javelins - be set to melee
Item: "Boss Wand" - can open UI when player active SmartInteract Cursor

- Modify
Item: "Mushroom Pot" - value changed 1silver50copper to 30copper
Item: "Mushroom Spore" - value changed 20copper to 1silver30copper
Item: "CorruptLevel Healing Potion" - amount of heal changed 17 to 24
Item: "Taboo Soup" - amount of healing changed 24 to 37
Item: "Greater CorruptLevel Healing Potion" - amount of healing changed 37 to 66
Item: "Intense Javelin" - speed using CorruptLevel changed x2 -> x1.6
Item: "GoldenLockBox" - drop "Sky Champion"
Recipe: "MushroomPot" - can get back "bottle" on craft

- Add
System: Display "Recommend" when player is picking world evil
World Generation: "Sky Champion" can be get in dungeon's chest with "Muramasa"
Item: "Soul Shooter" - can shoot souls
Item: "Night's Splitter"
Item: "Holy Javelin"
Global Item: "Death Sickle" - can be stronger using CorruptLevel
- Fixed
Item: "CorruptBucket" - Can't get "Water of The Corruption" if you have only 1 stack.
- Important
CorruptLevel System:
Right click to change to decide to USE OR NOT CorruptLevel
(Before, Right click to change AMOUNT of using CorruptLevel)
< Disable to use > <Enable to use>

and Max CorruptLevel is changed and you can increase it.

- Fixed
Vanilla Weapons (Can use CorruptLevel): Gone prefix
Item: "BossWand" - Left hitbox of buttons

- Modified
Item: "TabooSoup" - Increase amount of restoring CorruptLevel
Recipe: "CorruptShootgun" (Harder)
Recipe: "CLRegenPotion" (Easier)
Recipe: "CorruptionPotion" (Easier)
Texture: "IntenseJavelin"
Texture: "MushroomSpore"

- Added
Item: Lesser CorruptLevel Healing Potion
Item: CorruptLevel Healing Potion (new version)
Item: Greater CorruptLevel Healing Potion
Item: Cursed Soul
Item: Corrupt Soul
Item: Burning Javelin
Item: Sharped Javelin
Item: Sky's Champion

- Deleted
Item: CorruptLevel Healing Potion (old Version)
Item: Protective Doll
NPC's Loot: "CorruptPower" from Eater of Worlds

- Misc
- Fixed
Vanilla Weapons: strange CorruptLevel charging method
Item: "BossWand" - not to be able to summon DukeFishron
Item: "BossWand" - not to be able to summon Golem without the altar
Vanilla Items: unexpected uncheking favorite

- Modified
Recipe: "SproutedDemoniteBar" (can craft easier than before)

- Misc
git... so... added Icon!!
- Added
Item: "Boss Wand" - Summon bosses you got their trophy
スクリーンショット 2021-12-13 163746 (2).png
スクリーンショット 2021-12-13 163805.png

- Modified
Item: "Common Javelin" and "Intense Javelin" 's damage (stronger)
Recipe: "Taboo Soup" (can craft easier than before)
Rarity: -14(Corrupt) 's Color (brighter)

- Misc
git (but I can't add icon... why...)
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< About Deleted Items >
Deleted Items' texture become such as following image.
スクリーンショット 2021-12-17 151104.png

You can get back materials of deleted item on crafting. (Not Require Any Tiles and Liquid)
スクリーンショット 2021-12-17 151124.png
スクリーンショット 2021-12-17 151154.png
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Now available v0.9.1.0!!

The method of using CorruptLevel is changed.
Now, Right click to change to decide to USE OR NOT CorruptLevel.
(Before, Right click to change AMOUNT of using CorruptLevel.)

8 New Items...

and some bugs are fixed!
Now available v0.9.1.4!!!

v0.9.1.4 contains the patch to fix fatal bugs!!
If you have its old version, Recommend to upgrade to new version!!!
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